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What is an Embedded System?

Well, as its name suggests, Embedded means something that is attached to another. An embedded system can be thought of asoftware embedded into hardware, which makes a system dedicated for an application or specific part of an application or product or part of a large system. Today, embedded systems are found in cell phones, digital cameras, cam coders, home automation, light automation, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable i.e. specifically designed for a particular kind of application device. e.g: Industrial Machines,Automotive, Medical Equipment, Cameras, House hold equipment, Airplanes, Toys.

Embedded C provides a broaden way to understand the language ‘C’ along with knowledge of Embedded which comprises skills of using hardware controlled by software.

It teaches the C programming language in the context of embedded systems. It gives a full grounding in the C language, this course teaches students how to program a modern embedded microcontroller using real time development tools. This course is tuned to the real world practical applications of embedded microcontroller programming.

Why you should consider embedded systems training?

Embedded C provides an excellent full scope primer for any of embedded system courses, or for anyone wishing to learn or use C in the context of embedded programming or hardware – software integration.

Additionally, the main of objectives of the course are:

  • • The syntax and semantics of C for Embedded programming.
  • • The principles of embedded software programming.
  • • To learn basic architecture of microcontrollers.
  • • How to program an embedded microcontroller in C.
  • • A practical introduction to real time development tools.
  • • To interact with hardware.
  • • A special integration of hardware and software.
  • • A special integration of hardware and software.
  • • Peripheral Interfacing to microcontroller.
  • • Circuit Troubleshooting.
  • • Best practices for embedded programming.

Softcrayons Tech Solution being the best EMBEDDED SYSTEMS training Institute provides EMBEDDED SYSTEMS training to its students; with the help of our IT Proficient Faculty having +5 years of Industrial Experience handling live projects in this Sector. Students opting for this EMBEDDED SYSTEMS training course will get exposure to the list above, with live examples and practical applications. Students after the completion of the EMBEDDED SYSTEMS training course will get 100% Job placement assistance. We provide EMBEDDED SYSTEMS training in practical learning sessions with live projects under the guidance of expert faculty. Free lifetime membership card for EMBEDDED SYSTEMS training course is provided as well. We facilitate extra problem solving classes excluding curriculum classes that helps students to get the answer of problems faced in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS training course.

What is your future with Embedded systems training?

With growth and advancements in the field of electronics, wireless communications, Embedded systems , cognitive and affective computing and robotics, devices around you communicate in more ways than you ever imagined. Those times Those times are not very distant when every object around us will have a small processor/sensor embedded within itself, invisible to us but still communicating with all other devices around, making our lives more connected and accessible than ever before.

The main industrial fields are as follows:

  • 1. Automotive
  • 2. Health care Industry
  • 3. Security
  • 4. Home Automation .
  • 5. Street Lights
  • 6. Consumer Electronics
  • 7. Cable TV Industry
  • 8. Smart Banking
  • 9. Tele Communication
  • 10. Military and Aerospace

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