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Laravel PHP Framework

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Laravel is one of the open source web framework in PHP that is used to create the web application in easy and simple way. Laravel is licensed under MIT license and helps developer to design model view controller web program using following features like bundles, expressive ORM, reverse routing, controller and many more.

A good example is when a developer chooses to hide some complex Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) or a case of adding essential functions. So now comes the question what Laravel web development is, it is a PHP framework that has been built with the focus to write computer code which is simple and expensive as well.

It’s the highly used and again the modern web application framework that is freely available. Laravel web development is well known to have been used in creating personalized web software in a quick and efficient way.

Why PHP Laravel Framework is the best?

It has reduced time taken to create codes. Application reasoning in Laravel has already been implemented in every software that uses controllers in making a route to declarations by the use of syntax. This framework provides flexibility to coders they need to build everything from the range of small websites to the useful business Softwares.

It helps one when working with typical PHP/HTML languages. Laravel web development enables the composer of the plain codes PHP in a layout shape hence improving execution of usage difficulties.

Why Should You Join us?

SoftCrayons Tech Solutions offers quality "Laravel Training in Noida, Delhi/NCR, Ghaziabad". Laravel follows the elegant, expressive syntax. Best thing about Laravel is that it makes the development practice gratifying for the developers without any loss in applications functionality. We have expert trainer for Laravel training that delivers lecture on theoretical as well as live application that helps trainees to improve their logical skills.

PHP Laravel Training from SoftCrayons would be highly benificial for the aspirants. SoftCrayons provide all the necessary sources to completly the Laravel framework concepts. The Softcrayons Intstitite provies :-

1. Quality Text Books, Notes and Ebooks for Laravel Training.

2. The institute also provides softwares, DVD's,...etc.

3. SoftCrayons' Laravel Trainers provides students with the best industry level training practically on labs.

4. Students will get Globally Authorized certificates for Laravel Training.

5. Students do practice on live projects under the best industry level guidance.

6. After completing the Laravel Framework Course aspirants 100% get plaecd in a top software IT companies.

Course Benifits

If you are a professional developer and wants to create more secure and fast web development for your clients, Code Igniter is the best PHP framework to assist you. PHP Laravel framework is one of the most demanded Frameworks. PHP Laravel is more approachable to various web development companies due to some of its advance features.

Additinally, you will also be provided full Interview preparations:-

1. Interview preparation by our professional team

2. Problem solving classes at the end of the course

3. Certification

4. Job placement.

5. Make Carrier in Multinational Companies

Total Course Module Download Syllabus

  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Laravel Installation Guide
  • Laravel Configuration
  • Introduction to MVC Pattern
  • Laravel Directory Structure
  • Display Images
  • Make Anchor
  • Displaying Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loop in blade
  • PHP functions
  • Build Your Master Layout
  • Extending the Master Layout
  • Nested views
  • Inclued Views
  • Adding Assets
  • Adding HTML 5 Package
  • Creating a Form using Blade Syntax
  • Validating user input
  • File Uploading
  • Error message handling
  • Encrypting and decrypting data
  • Preserving the Data
  • Introduction
  • Creating a basic controller
  • Making the controller as a routing
  • Using Route Groups
  • Using Route Resource
  • Introduction Model
  • Type of Database Using
  • Eloquent ORM Model
  • Convention
  • Table Name
  • Timestamps
  • Using Model
  • Display data from model in views
  • Manage mass assignments
  • CRUDS Operation (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Search Operations)
  • Fluent
  • Simple Query String
  • Query Builder
  • Removing Public From URL
  • Sessions Effecttive
  • Create Database table for news project
  • Create models for all database tables
  • Define Model Relation
  • Setup Admin Panel
  • Create CRUDS for news, category inside admin panel
  • Create controller to display news and category
  • Use laravel built in pagination on news listing page
Batch Timings
Batch Type Class time Course Duration
Monday-Friday 2 Hours 1 Month
Saturday & Sunday 3 Hours 1.5 Months
Sunday 4 Hours 2 Months

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