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Course Model

Introduction to PHP

Here in SoftCrayons, we provide you with the very best of PHP training services you will find in the market today. Our team of highly talented tutors and industry specialist will not only turn you into a good programmer but will also instil in you all the qualities needed to excel in one’s respective workplace and academic environments.

And due to this never-ending commitment of our team of specialist towards our students, we have managed to become one of the best PHP training centres in all of Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR and Noida.

The SoftCrayons PHP training classes follow a quite different approach to learning which you will surely find to completely different from the other old orthodox way of learning & training. We don’t just focus on teaching you how to program in PHP, but at the same time make you well aware of all the other aspects revolving around PHP and how to use them in order to get the maximum results.

It does not matter whether you are complete newbie to PHP or someone who has had a few experiences with the language. The SoftCrayons PHP training course has been designed in such a way that it meets all your needs. And similarly, if you are looking for something with a more lengthy and thorough experience, than you can also opt for the 6 months PHP Industrial training class in Noida.

PHP Industrial Training Course Module

  • Global Variable
  • Creating Pagination
  • Code Reusability
  • Functional Coding in PHP
  • Modular Coding in PHP
  • Concepts of MVC and HMVC
  • CURL
  • CLI
  • GD Library
  • Regular Expressions in PHP
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Access Modifiers
  • Functions and Function Scope
  • Class Variables and Variable Scope
  • Class Constants
  • Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance
  • Creating Database
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Selection Database
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Basic MySQL Queries
  • Data Types in MySQL
  • Data Encryption with MD5
  • Using PHPMyAdmin
  • Exporting and Importing Databases
  • Normalization
  • MySQL Storage Engines
  • Get Last inserted ID
  • Query Conditions
  • Form Submission With Ajax
  • Data Retrieving With Ajax
  • Fetching and displaying data with AJAX
  • Making a Dynamic CMS website in CodeIgniter
  • General: Controllers, Modals, Views
  • Libraries: Form validation, pagination class, Session library
  • Database: Configuration, Connection, Running Queries
  • Helpers: Array helper, Date helper, Form helper, Number Helper, Text Helper
  • Defining and Use of CMS
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Website Development with CMS
  • Working with WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Understanding wordpress Pages and Posts
  • Creating and Managing Menus in WordPress
  • Different types of users in wordpress
  • Managing wordpress Categories
  • Website Development in WP
  • Developing a Blog in WP
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