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QTP (Quick Test Professional) is automation tool that is used to perform functional and regression test on desktop and web based applications. QTP functional testing tool has interactive graphical user interface and use Visual basic scripting language to write actions, procedures and manipulate object and manage application under test. SoftCrayons facilitates QTP training in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi by experienced faculty that delivers lecture on real time applications that helps students to get hands on live applications and also facilitate free demo classes before joining the course.


I know most of fresh graduates want to establish their career as Software Testing in IT industry. Apart from Software Development in the industry, there is also a lot of other career opportunities available within the industry, Testing is one of them.

1.Increased Test Speed .

2.Test Efficiency and Software Quality.

3.Increased Confidence.

4.Greater Test Coverage.


We are one of popular institute for providing QTP training in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi by proficient trainers with well designed syllabus according latest IT market. We are one of the leading QTP training institute that facilitate free life time membership card for students so they can come any time after completion of course.

What We Provide

1. Textbooks, Notes, EBooks.

2. Necessary Software, DVDs etc.

3. Focus on practical labs.

4. Training Certificates.

5. Live project Based Training.

6. 100% Job Placement.

7. Lab facilities with Wi-Fi environment.

Training Benefits

1.Interview preparation by our professional team.

2. Problem solving classes at the end of the course.

3. Certification.

4. Job placement.

5. Make Carrier in MNC

6.Live project work experience.

Total Course Module

    Why QTP ?

    When do we use QTP ?

    Which application will we test? Will be doing live

    applications testing

    Downloading and installing trial version

    Installing addins

    Installing script debugger

    QTP vs. other automation tools

    Advantages/ Disadvantages of QTP

    How much VB scripting is required in QTP?

    Simple Record and Run

    What If QTP fails to recognize objects?

    Analog Recording Mode

    Low Level Recording Mode

    Virtual objects and their usage

    What is an object?

    Object Spy

    Features in Object Spy

    Classification of objects

    Object Repository

    Mapping OR with code and application

    Object hierarchy in Object repository

    Dragging objects

    Object Synchronization and wait

    Adding objects manually in OR

    Adding all objects of page in OR

    Adding selected objects of page

    Finding Object in OR from app

    Finding Object in app from OR

    Storing OR on hard disk

    Local and shared object repository

    Implementing QTP in your project and

    importance of shared repository

    Object repository manager

    Merging object repositories

  • Native and Identification Properties
  • GetRoProperty - Read Identification properties
  • Script to find browser version
  • Script to print browser title
  • Find number of search results on live
  • applications
  • Links
  • List box / Multi Select List Box
  • Input Box
  • Button
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Identifying/reading Text from application
  • Spy Operations
  • Capture screenshot of page
  • Capture screenshot of an object like Link, button
  • Etc
  • What are checkpoints?
  • Active screen
  • Concept of step generator
  • Standard Checkpoint
  • Text checkpoint
  • Text area checkpoint
  • Bitmap checkpoint
  • Database checkpoint
  • Accessibility checkpoint
  • XML Checkpoint
  • Practicality of checkpoints
  • Checkpoints in Web tables
  • What is output value?
  • Standard Output value
  • Text Output value
  • Text area Output value
  • Database Output value
  • Checkpoints and output value with Web tables
  • Parameter zing output values
  • Practicality of checkpoints and output value
  • What is Parameterization
  • Dynamic Parameterization
  • Data Table Parameterization
  • Random Parameterization
  • Environment Parameterization
  • What is recovery scenario manager?
  • When do we use Recover scenario in QTP?
  • Various phases of recovery scenario
  • Handling popups with recovery scenario
  • Handling errors with Recovery scenario
  • Parameters of the recovery Function
  • Enabling conditions of recovery scenario
  • What is VB? Why VB in QTP ?
  • variables and constants
  • Msgbox, Input box, vbCRLF
  • Running Script
  • Concatenation operator
  • Managing long Strings
  • Run from Step and Run to Step
  • Option explicit
  • Statements
  • While loop, for loop
  • Exiting loops
  • Debugging Script
  • Practical usage of loops in QTP
  • Creating/Executing VB scripts in QTP
  • Creating/Executing VB scripts in notepad
  • What Is action?
  • Exit Action
  • Multiple Actions in Test
  • Shared OR of the Actions
  • What are reusable actions
  • Creating and calling a reusable ac�on
  • Local Functions
  • Library Functions
  • Practical usage of function libraries
  • When to use reusable actions and when to use
  • function libraries
  • Split Action
  • Working without Object repository
  • Why/When to work without OR
  • Counting total open browsers
  • Closing all open Browsers
  • Identifying object with single/multiple properties
  • without using OR
  • What if 2 objects have same Properties
  • Working with Links opening in new tab
  • Type of Descriptive Programming
  • Dynamic and Static Programming
  • Description .Create
  • Arrays, Dim
  • Redim and arrays
  • Sub, Op�on explicit
  • Sat Statement
  • Using Inbuilt VB Functions
  • User Define Function
  • Type Conversion functions
  • Date and Time functions
  • Comparing dates
  • Formatting dates
  • String manipulation functions
  • Practical usage of functions in QTP
  • On error resume next
  • Methods and Properties of Err Object
  • Counting all the objects in a page
  • How does QTP extracts objects
  • Extracting all the objects and printing properties of
  • objects
  • What is Micclass
  • Extracting all links of page and printing their names
  • When do we use descriptive programming and bulk
  • object extraction
  • Unique properties and similar objects
  • Extracting specific objects
  • Descriptive programming and various web
  • components
  • Finding all result links after searching on Live
  • Applications
  • Exercise on online applications(Google,Gmail,Yahoo
  • and Facebook)
  • Navigating through Pagination links
  • Objects inside objects
  • Count Child Object
  • Finding Objects which do not have Unique properties
  • Login Text Fields in any live applications
  • Closing all open Browsers
  • Using regular expressions in descriptions
  • Using Regex to Handle dynamically changing
  • Object
  • Extracting links and clicking them one by one
  • How to find if link is broken
  • Testing Pagination Links
  • Various Test Status-Pass, Fail, Done, Warning
  • Reporter Object
  • Reporter .report event
  • Properties and Methods of reporter object
  • Marking test case fail/pass
  • Difference between TO Property and RO property
  • Comparing RO and TO properties
  • Reporting RO and TO properties validation in reports
  • using a dictionary object
  • Why data table
  • What is data table object
  • Local and global sheets
  • Global Sheet - Reading/writing data
  • Local Sheet - Reading/writing data
  • Adding custom sheets in data table
  • Run �me Data table
  • Adding columns through script
  • Importing xls sheet data into data table sheet
  • Importing complete xls file in data table
  • Exporting sheet from xls file
  • Exporting complete data table to xls file
  • Counting Rows and Column in Data table
  • Why do we need Xls file handling?
  • VB script to create xls file
  • Opening existing xls file
  • FileSystemObject object methods and properties
  • VB script to find if XLS file is existing
  • Overriding an existing file
  • Adding sheet / Deleting sheets
  • Counting number of rows/column in a sheet
  • Reading from XLS File
  • Writing in XLS File
  • Determining if sheet/column is existing
  • Copying contents of one sheet to another
  • Comparing contents of 2 sheets
  • Concept of function library
  • Creating custom Xls Functions and storing them in
  • VBS File
  • Preparing custom functions to read, write, delete and
  • add sheets/cells/columns
  • What is Dictionary Object in VB
  • Methods and Properties of Dictionary Object
  • What is FileSystemObject
  • FileSystemObject object methods and properties
  • Reading, Writing, Creating, Deleting files
  • Creating files Using FSO
  • Writing files Using FSO
  • Reading Files Using FSO
  • Files Collection - Handling multiple files
  • Folders Collection - Handling multiple folders
  • Random Number generation
  • What is QC
  • QC Addin
  • QC Test Plan
  • QC Test Resources

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