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CCNA Security Certification Training in Ghaziabad by Softcrayons

CCNA Security Certification with Training in areas like network administration and security has long been utilized by businesses in the information technology sector to evaluate potential hires, regardless of the business size. 

Employees and employers can benefit from these credentials (the companies). Many job seekers have found more success in the workforce after acquiring their CCNA Network & Security Certification Course. Gaining this credential opens the door to more advanced courses and certifications in networking and security, such as the CCNA and CCNP Training Certification

Employees from a wide range of IT firms who do not currently hold the CCNA certification have stated that they feel they need to obtain it to remain competitive.

Benefits of Joining CCNA Security Certification Course in Ghaziabad

As one of the benefits, a faster learning curve is one of the CCNA's best features for aspiring networking experts.

Working toward your CCNA Security Certification Course will allow you to learn more about the field and figure out how best to apply what you've learned to your understanding of network and security basics. 

Even though you've been working in networking for decades, you still need to hone your skills to stay ahead of the competition.

Still, certifications are essential since they demonstrate that a candidate is familiar with the most recent developments in the IT field. No amount of knowledge can match the expertise of a seasoned expert, as the adage goes.

  • Recognition

If you want to work in the Network and Security field, getting your CCNA Certification Training will provide you with the proper entitlement and acknowledgement to add to your CV. Internetworking is the focus of Network and Security. Even though the CCNA Security Certification in Ghaziabad only lasts three years, you can reap the benefits for as long as you like.

  • Strengthening One's Profession

Generally speaking, qualifications are the most crucial consideration. If you are currently working in networking and aspire to become a networking professional, obtaining CCNA certification can help you advance in your career more quickly than your colleagues.

  • Salary Increase at a Competitive Pace

You might have an upcoming evaluation deadline. Because of this, getting your CCNA Security Training Certification is something you should prioritize. You can expect a pay raise virtually equivalent to the one you received before.

  • Transition Towards Mediation

You must show that you have passed the CCNA exam before you can pursue other certifications in Network and Security. If this is the case, you'll need to complete the courses in Network and Security. A valid CCNA certification opens up additional networking and security education opportunities.

  • Recognition and Esteem Among Workers

If you earn the CCNA Security Course Training, you may rest assured that your employer will look upon you favourably. As a result, this will boost your credibility in the eyes of your superiors.

Points To Remember

Many people who make their living in networking have trouble deciding between Microsoft and Network & Security. 

It's important to remember that the Network & Security Certification programs don't include detailed blueprints, making participation in the programs far more accessible to everyone interested. 

You can simultaneously increase your marketability by studying for the CCNA and Microsoft certifications. Gaining other professional-level certifications in networking will be much less of a challenge after you've obtained your Network & Security CCNA Security Certification Course

When earning your first certification, you should not anticipate the process to be simple or quick. Still, once you get beyond the first hurdle, you will be better able to set reasonable expectations.

  • Recognized All Over the World

It is important to remember that the CCNA Certification Training is widely recognized in many countries worldwide. Salary ranges are more flexible for networking specialists with a CCNA Training Certification than their non-certified counterparts. 

CCNA jobs have become more common in the job market in recent years. One of the most essential requirements for getting one is having a CCNA Course Training.

New networking tactics and cyber security courses are valuable to a person's career development, and the knowledge and skills gained through CCNA Certification with Training can be used for both.

Why Should You Get Your CCNA Certification Training iN Softcrayons Ghaziabad?

If a networking expert isn't CCNA Security Certification Training, employers are less likely to recruit them. This is useful if you have earned the CCNA credential in networking.

Those who have earned their CCNA Certification Course can choose from a widening pool of job openings and those created just for them. Several prominent IT companies are actively seeking CCNA-certified candidates, and they provide excellent retention bonuses to keep them around.

Candidates who complete Cisco's Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security) program have proven they possess the skills to oversee complex networking environments. Candidates are also very good at transitioning to the culture of any information technology organization, regardless of the size or scope of the business.

The candidate can outperform other network engineers because they can access the most recent information.

There has been a dramatic increase in interest in IT network training, and the CCNA Security Certification Training program has emerged as the leader in this field. 

The Certified Network Associate (CCNA) curriculum was created to help students acquire the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities required to succeed in IT and networking. 

Earning a CCNA Security Certification Training shows you have the skills necessary for many networking positions, including network engineer, support engineer, network system administrator, and security associate. In this category, you will find the role of network engineer. 

Although a single CCNA Security Certification won't set you apart from the competition, pursuing the certification is nevertheless a step on the right path. Even beyond these perks, though, possessing a CCNA Certification in Ghaziabad is valuable. A greater variety of networking skills will inspire you to grow professionally and academically.

The best way to learn more about our Network and security credentials is to speak with one of our experts immediately. If you contact us, we'll tell you all you need to know to pass the CCNA Security Certification Exam.

Implication for CCNA Security Certification Training in Ghaziabad

When people say "CCNA," they usually mean "Cisco Certified Network Associate." Cisco offers this form of certification in technical aspects that can be useful to network professionals. 

Certification as a CCNA Security Course Training Expert is a valuable tool for gaining and demonstrating expertise in computer networking. One who achieves this credential has proven their proficiency in installing and administering enterprise networks securely and troubleshooting problems that arise. 

Professionals who have earned their CCNA Security Course Certification have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of networking fundamentals. Experts in networking find this facilitates maintaining current knowledge and skills. Gaining IT Training Certification will increase your marketability to employers in the networking industry. 

The person who obtains the certification will have an easier time moving up the corporate ladder, receiving promotions, and finding new jobs that pay more.

These advantages are available to you if you earn your CCNA Security Certification:

Preparing for the CCNA Security Certification exam will help you learn more about Cisco networking. Thanks to the information presented here, you'll gain the expertise you need to further your career. 

Earning your CCNA Security Certification Training demonstrates that you have a firm grasp of networking basics. You only need to make your CCNA certification to advance your career. 

If you're applying for a position in IT, having your CCNA Security Training Certification will set you apart from the competition by allowing you to raise your compensation and negotiate a better beginning wage. 

The world of social networking sites is expanding rapidly. Cloud computing and software-defined networks are only two examples of the many different types of technologies now in development. 

The advent of these technologies has had a revolutionary impact on the networking field, opening up many new career paths as a direct consequence. Thus, if you're looking for work in the IT sector, having a CCNA Security Course Certification on your resume will set you apart from the competition.

Careers That Necessitate A CCNA Security Certification Training

Having a CCNA Certification Course opens many doors in the IT industry, including IT director, IT manager, network administrator, systems engineer, senior system administrator, network security engineer, cyber security analyst, IT specialist, and many others.

Softcrayons is the best platform for online and offline classes for your Network and security Certification Training. So get your admission now to gain more skills for your career.

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  • 22 Chapters
  • Describe common security threats
  • Implement Security on Cisco routers
  • Reasons for IPv6
  • Understanding IPv6 addressing
  • Assigning IPv6 addresses
  • Routing considerations for IPv6
  • Implement authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA)
  • AAA using CCP on routers
  • AAA using CLI on routers and switches
  • AAA on ASA
  • Describe RADIUS
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accounting
  • Verify AAA functionality
  • Describe standard, extended, and named IP IOS ACLs to filter packets
  • Sequencing of ACEs
  • Modification of ACEs
  • Filter IP traffic
  • SNMP
  • DDoS attacks
  • CLI
  • CCP
  • IP ACLs to prevent IP spoofing
  • VACLs
  • Describe secure network management
  • SSH
  • syslog
  • SNMP
  • NTP
  • SCP
  • CLI
  • CCP
  • SSL
  • Describe Layer 2 security using Cisco switches
  • Voice VLAN
  • VLAN hopping
  • Native VLAN
  • VLAN definition
  • Grouping functions into VLANs
  • Considering traffic source to destination paths
  • Trunking
  • Native VLAN
  • VLAN trunking protocols
  • Inter-VLAN routing
  • Potential issues with redundant switch topologies
  • STP operations
  • Resolving issues with STP
  • Describe operational strengths and weaknesses of the different firewall technologies
  • Operations
  • Function of the state table
  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • PAT
  • Zone to zone
  • Self zone
  • NAT
  • ACL
  • Default MPF
  • Cisco ASA sec level


  • Describe IPS deployment considerations
  • Describe IPS technologies
  • Configure Cisco IOS IPS using CCP
  • Describe the different methods used in cryptography
  • Describe VPN technologies
  • Describe the building blocks of IPSec
  • Implement an IOS IPSec site-to-site VPN with pre-shared key authentication
  • Implement SSL VPN using ASA device manager

Student Feedback

34 Rating


31 July 2023

I recently completed a Python Network Programming course in softcrayons and my experience was nothing but positive. The course provided clear and concise explanations on the fundamentals of network programming. It was highly interactive, allowing me to learn the concepts in an engaging environment. The course included a wealth of resources such as quizzes, videos and practice assignments. I highly recommend this course for those looking to advance their knowledge in network programming.

25 August 2023

Enrolled in SoftCrayons for Network & Security course. Impressed with the comprehensive curriculum and practical approach. The training equips me well for the field. Highly recommended!

25 August 2023

I'm a student at SoftCrayons, pursuing the Network & Security course. The training is top-notch, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills. Highly satisfied with the learning experience.

25 August 2023

Currently enrolled in SoftCrayons for the Network & Security course. The program offers comprehensive insights and practical training, preparing me effectively for the field. Highly recommended for aspiring professionals.

siya rani
25 August 2023

I am a proud student at SoftCrayons, learning Network & Security. The course is exceptional, providing hands-on training that enhances my skills for future success. Highly recommended learning destination.

21 November 2023

I have done my training In Network and security. My trainer was no doubt he has advanced knowledge of Network and security. if you want to learn Network and security go and take admission in softcrayons and learn from metab sir was the best teacher for Network & Security.

sharik ahmed
22 November 2023

Institute is very supportive helps in resolving maximum queries. Staff is very polite and decent. Overall it is good IT training institute.

ritik kumar
23 November 2023

softcrayons teaching members are all very helpful and have taught me a lot, I have never had the opportunity to visit the center. Both of them taught in an amazing manner, but I want to specifically thank Vinod Sir for answering all of my questions on a very minor subject. Thank you very much, sir. You taught network security in a totally different way than we are learning it now because we are working on a project. And a special thank you to Anil Sir, who made it very simple to comprehend network security in a short amount of time.

24 November 2023

I have enrolled in a Network & Security course at SoftCrayons. My trainer is very friendly and knowledgeable. He explains each topic in detail, making it easy for everyone to understand and learn. Additionally, every student receives equal attention in class, and the trainer resolves every doubt that students come up with. He is truly a motivator.

25 November 2023

I recently joined SoftCrayons and found it to be the best place to search for jobs. The trainers are very supportive and help improve your skills. Overall, my experience at SoftCrayons was great and significant.I recently joined SoftCrayons and found it to be the best place to search for jobs. The trainers are very supportive and help improve your skills. Overall, my experience at SoftCrayons was great and significant.

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CCNA Security
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