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CCNA Training Course in Ghaziabad by Softcrayons

CCNA Training Certification Ghaziabad has been used for grading and parameter assessment in IT organizations worldwide.

Regardless of the scale at which their operations are conducted when evaluating new personnel.

These certifications are helpful for both the employees and the employers, meaning they benefit both parties.

Many applicants have achieved tremendous success in their employment after earning their CCNA Certification with Training.

IT Training Certification allows enrolling in other advanced training and certificate programs focusing on network and security topics.

Workers from various IT companies who do not hold the CCNA Course Training have claimed that they require certification to keep up with the competition.

The IT Course Certification in Ghaziabad offers potential networking professionals an enhanced learning curve, one of the eight advantages of obtaining the certification.

Although you have decades of expertise in this networking field, developing your ability to outperform your rivals is vital.

Brief Introduction of CCNA Certification with Training in Ghaziabad

Cisco Certified Network Associate is what is meant when people talk about CCNA. Network professionals can use this type of accreditation in technical elements made available by Cisco.

An individual's network knowledge can be enhanced, improved, and evaluated with the help of a CCNA certification.

The person who earns the certification has demonstrated that they can install, manage securely, and troubleshoot issues arising in enterprise networks.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification provides professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the foundations of networking.

It makes it easier for experts in the networking industry to keep their knowledge and abilities up-to-date.

The attainment of Network and Security Training accreditation will expand one's employment opportunities within networking.

The person who earns the certification will have the following:

  • easier time advancing their career
  • getting promotions
  • gaining new employment prospects
  • higher compensation packages and many more

Vital Significance of CCNA Training Course Ghaziabad

However, certifications are also vital to verify that a candidate is up-to-date on the most recent technological breakthroughs in the information technology industry.

A common proverb states that nothing is greater than the experience of a professional.

Recognition to the Entitled Industries

Once you have obtained your CCNA certification, you will have a perfect entitlement and acknowledgement that you can put on your resume to be considered for positions open within the network and security industry.

The networking domain is for networks and security. Because the certificate is valid across the globe, you can enjoy the benefits of your Network & Security Training Certification in Ghaziabad for the rest of your life while still getting the most out of it.

More Career Opportunity Determination

The prerequisites serve as the primary factor in determining the weight if you are currently working in networking and aspire to become a networking professional.

Becoming a CCNA Course Certification professional will help you move up the career ladder more quickly than your peers.

Surge In Pay Scale With Particular Accomplishment

Your evaluation could come due very soon. As a result, it is strongly suggested that you add your CCNA certification to your list of accomplishments.

You can anticipate an increase in compensation nearly equal to that of the previous level.

Qualified The Best Testing Approvals

To earn additional certifications in networking and security, you will first need to demonstrate that you have passed the CCNA test.

If this is the case, the only option left for you is to finish the Network and Security Course Training with Softcrayons.

With a current IT certification, you can participate in different network and security training classes because of this qualification.

Respect Among the Members Of The Workforce

You may rest assured that many will hold you in high regard as an employee of your organization if you obtain the CCNA certification.

Your professional standing will improve as a result of this

Less-Extensive Outlining

When it comes to choosing between Microsoft Certification Training and Network & Security, many professionals working in the networking industry have a tough time deciding which option is better.

It is essential to know that the Network and Security Certification programs do not include specific outlines, making it much easier for individuals interested in participating.

Alongside your studies for the IT Certification Courses, you may also pursue Microsoft credentials to broaden your professional options.

After you have earned your Network & Security CCNA Certification, it will be much easier for you to move on to additional professional-level certifications in the field of networking.

The first certification you obtain is never going to be an easy or quick procedure.

Still, when you have completed the initial stage, you can manage the expectations appropriately.

Recognition as a Global Acceptance

It is essential to consider that the certification is broadly recognized in various nations worldwide.

Networking professionals with a course have more negotiating power regarding salary ranges than their counterparts who do not have the certification.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of CCNA positions available on the market. Possession of a CCNA Course Training is an essential qualifying criterion to be qualified to obtain one of these.

One can apply the skills and information obtained through CCNA Training With Certification to studying new networking strategies and cyber security courses, which benefit an individual's professional progress.

Get a Qualified Career Opportunity

Employers are more likely to hire certified CCNA professionals as opposed to other types of networking specialists who are not qualified.

If you are an accredited networking specialist at the CCNA level, you will profit from this.

Those who have finished the CCNA Certification Course are eligible for many work prospects and new ones being generated.

Many well-known IT firms look forward to recruiting IT course-trained individuals, offering fantastic incentives to stay with the company in the long run.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification program assures candidates the expertise to manage even the most demanding and complicated networking systems.

Candidates are also excellent at adjusting to the work environment of any information technology organization, irrespective of the size and scale of its operations.

The Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) certification is the cornerstone of many networks and security networking courses.

The candidate can outperform other network engineers because they have the most up-to-date knowledge.

Development Foster Programs

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certificate programme quickly became the most in-demand IT network training.

One developed the Certified Network Associate (CCNA) program to foster the development of essential analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for working in information technology and networking sectors.

Generating Ability In Every Aspect

Possessing the requisite abilities for numerous networking roles, such as network engineer, support engineer, and network system administrator, one can demonstrate security associate by earning a CCNA certification.

Contemporary Differentiation

These positions include a network engineer. Indeed, having just one CCNA certificate will not be sufficient to differentiate yourself from your contemporaries; nonetheless, getting a CCNA Training Certification ensures that you are moving in the right direction.

Increase the Number of Skilled Opportunity

The benefits of having a CCNA credential go well beyond the ones listed above.

One will inspire you to increase the number of talents you have in networking, which will help you progress in your profession while keeping you ahead of the curve in terms of education.

Assistance for Joining Softcrayons CCNA Course Training in Ghaziabad

The CCNA Training Certification Offers the Following Assistance:

You will improve your knowledge of Cisco networking while studying for the IT certification.

This provides you with the ability you require to utilize it in your professional career, which you will be able to do as a result.

After earning your CCNA Training, you will have a solid understanding of networking fundamentals.

A CCNA Course is required to open doors for your professional career.

If you have a professional certification, you have an advantage over other applicants competing for the same IT job since you can improve your salary and bargain for a higher starting salary.

The realm of online social networking is growing. There are many different sorts of technologies that are now in the process of being developed, such as Cloud Computing Training.

The networking world is undergoing a profound transformation due to these new technologies, which also result in new professional opportunities.

Because of this, CCNA Training with Certification will make you an ideal candidate for open positions within the information technology industry.

The Instance of Job Roles for CCNA Training Course in Ghaziabad

The following are examples of job roles that require a CCNA certification:

If you have a CCNA certification, you are eligible to apply for a wide variety of different job roles, including

  • Information Technology Director
  • Manager of Information Technology
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Senior System Engineer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Senior System Engineer
  • Information Technology Specialist, and many more.

Softcrayons is the growing educational IT Training Institute in GhaziabadYou can Join and get the best opportunity of your career with us.


  • 6 Chapters
  • Explain the role and function of network components
  • Describe characteristics of network topology architectures
  • Compare physical interface and cabling types
  • Identify interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, mismatch duplex, and/or speed)
  • Compare TCP to UDP
  • Configure and verify IPv4 addressing and subnetting
  • Describe the need for private IPv4 addressing
  • Configure and verify IPv6 addressing and prefix
  • Compare IPv6 address types
  • Verify IP parameters for Client OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Describe wireless principles
  • Explain virtualization fundamentals (virtual machines)
  • Describe switching concepts
  • Configure and verify VLANs (normal range) spanning multiple switches
  • Configure and verify interswitch connectivity
  • Configure and verify Layer 2 discovery protocols (Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP)
  • Configure and verify (Layer 2/Layer 3) EtherChannel (LACP)
  • Describe the need for and basic operations of Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol and identify basic operations
  • Compare Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP modes
  • Describe physical infrastructure connections of WLAN components (AP,WLC, access/trunk ports, and LAG)
  • Describe AP and WLC management access connections (Telnet, SSH, HTTP,HTTPS, console, and TACACS+/RADIUS) Configure the components of a wireless LAN access for client connectivity using GUI only such as WLAN creation, security settings, QoS profiles, and advanced WLAN settings
  • Interpret the components of routing table
  • Determine how a router makes a forwarding decision by default
  • Configure and verify IPv4 and IPv6 static routing
  • Configure and verify single area OSPFv2
  • Describe the purpose of first hop redundancy protocol
  • Configure and verify inside source NAT using static and pools
  • Configure and verify NTP operating in a client and server mode
  • Explain the role of DHCP and DNS within the network
  • Explain the function of SNMP in network operations
  • Describe the use of syslog features including facilities and levels
  • Configure and verify DHCP client and relay
  • Explain the forwarding per-hop behavior (PHB) for QoS such as classification, marking, queuing, congestion, policing, shaping
  • Configure network devices for remote access using SSH
  • Describe the capabilities and function of TFTP/FTP in the network
  • Define key security concepts (threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and mitigation techniques)
  • Describe security program elements (user awareness, training, and physical access control)
  • Configure device access control using local passwords
  • Describe security password policies elements, such as management, complexity, and password alternatives (multifactor authentication, certificates, and biometrics)
  • Describe remote access and site-to-site VPNs
  • Configure and verify access control lists
  • Configure Layer 2 security features (DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection, and port security)
  • Differentiate authentication, authorization, and accounting concepts
  • Describe wireless security protocols (WPA, WPA2, and WPA3)
  • Configure WLAN using WPA2 PSK using the GUI
  • Explain how automation impacts network management
  • Compare traditional networks with controller-based networking
  • Describe controller-based and software defined architectures (overlay, underlay, and fabric)
  • Compare traditional campus device management with Cisco DNA Center enabled device management
  • Describe characteristics of REST-based APIs (CRUD, HTTP verbs, and data encoding)
  • Recognize the capabilities of configuration management mechanisms Puppet, Chef, and Ansible
  • Interpret JSON encoded data

Student Feedback

34 Rating


31 July 2023

I recently completed a Python Network Programming course in softcrayons and my experience was nothing but positive. The course provided clear and concise explanations on the fundamentals of network programming. It was highly interactive, allowing me to learn the concepts in an engaging environment. The course included a wealth of resources such as quizzes, videos and practice assignments. I highly recommend this course for those looking to advance their knowledge in network programming.

25 August 2023

Enrolled in SoftCrayons for Network & Security course. Impressed with the comprehensive curriculum and practical approach. The training equips me well for the field. Highly recommended!

25 August 2023

I'm a student at SoftCrayons, pursuing the Network & Security course. The training is top-notch, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills. Highly satisfied with the learning experience.

25 August 2023

Currently enrolled in SoftCrayons for the Network & Security course. The program offers comprehensive insights and practical training, preparing me effectively for the field. Highly recommended for aspiring professionals.

siya rani
25 August 2023

I am a proud student at SoftCrayons, learning Network & Security. The course is exceptional, providing hands-on training that enhances my skills for future success. Highly recommended learning destination.

21 November 2023

I have done my training In Network and security. My trainer was no doubt he has advanced knowledge of Network and security. if you want to learn Network and security go and take admission in softcrayons and learn from metab sir was the best teacher for Network & Security.

sharik ahmed
22 November 2023

Institute is very supportive helps in resolving maximum queries. Staff is very polite and decent. Overall it is good IT training institute.

ritik kumar
23 November 2023

softcrayons teaching members are all very helpful and have taught me a lot, I have never had the opportunity to visit the center. Both of them taught in an amazing manner, but I want to specifically thank Vinod Sir for answering all of my questions on a very minor subject. Thank you very much, sir. You taught network security in a totally different way than we are learning it now because we are working on a project. And a special thank you to Anil Sir, who made it very simple to comprehend network security in a short amount of time.

24 November 2023

I have enrolled in a Network & Security course at SoftCrayons. My trainer is very friendly and knowledgeable. He explains each topic in detail, making it easy for everyone to understand and learn. Additionally, every student receives equal attention in class, and the trainer resolves every doubt that students come up with. He is truly a motivator.

25 November 2023

I recently joined SoftCrayons and found it to be the best place to search for jobs. The trainers are very supportive and help improve your skills. Overall, my experience at SoftCrayons was great and significant.I recently joined SoftCrayons and found it to be the best place to search for jobs. The trainers are very supportive and help improve your skills. Overall, my experience at SoftCrayons was great and significant.

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