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Professional Approach With Manual + Selenium Training Certification In Ghaziabad

If you're either of these, you're in the right spot since you need to master Selenium.

This is because automation has revolutionized the world, and the industry is searching for qualified professionals.

You may also want to know how you can begin a career in testing and what Selenium Course With Certification Ghaziabad is the best option to start your journey.

If you have questions, do not worry because this post will give you reasons to learn Java Selenium.

Reasons to Choose Manual + Selenium Training Courses in Ghaziabad

Let me discuss each of these arguments in a more in-depth manner.

Open Unusual Sources to Evaluate

Selenium is an open-source tool, which means anyone can use it at no cost.

Any company can use Selenium Certification Training in Ghaziabad to evaluate their web applications or websites, and even programmers who are not independent can study and test automation tests with the help of Selenium WebDriver.

The problem with other test tools is that they're either licensed instruments or their capabilities are inferior to Selenium.

HP's QTP and IBM's RFT, Test Complete, and Ranorex are all proprietaries (licensed) tools.

In terms of features, Selenium is the clear winner compared to other options, and there's no doubt about it!

Hardware Requirements With Sufficiency

Another benefit you can enjoy is Selenium. It doesn't require a computer that has 16GB RAM or a high HDD.

You don't even need a Windows OS as well as a Mac OS or a Linux OS. The OS you have for purposes at home is sufficient to be used for Selenium Testing Course Certification in Ghaziabad.

The most important thing is that you can test the website in any browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or even Opera, for that matter.

The ease of working with Selenium results from how simple it is to connect USB drives to your system to transfer information.

Multiple Programming Language Support

This is the primary aspect for any programmer who wants to enter this Automation Testing domain.

Many tools on the market require you to be proficient in a particular programming language.

The languages like

  • VBScript
  • Java
  • C#

are among the popular scripting languages used by different applications.

However, with Selenium, you won't be confined by any restrictions. If you're proficient at one of them, you can begin your career in

  • Java
  • Python
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • .Net

Downloadable Framework

Frameworks are quite like templates. You can modify the code according to your requirements for various conditions rather than massive modifications.

There are multiple frameworks, such as:

  • Data-driven testing
  • Testing based on keywords
  • Testing hybrids
  • I am testing with modules driven by the module and many others.

Presence in the DevOps

Manual + Selenium Course Certification Ghaziabad is an integral component of the DevOps life cycle because most companies are changing their Agile or Waterfall methods using the DevOps method.

Only a few testing tools are regarded as DevOps tools because they insist on using open-source tools.

In addition, because most software applications developed today are hosted on the cloud, web-based testing tools are used the most, which is why Software Testing Course Training is a perfect fit.

Easy Integration with Other Tools

Selenium is a tool that one can easily connect to other open-source tools. Since most tools utilized in DevOps or any other way are efficient and open-source, these tools are a great source of people willing to use them if combined with Selenium to achieve automation.

Attain Testing In Parallel And Distributed

One can run multiple Selenium test cases in parallel on the same machine or remote machines. One can use Selenium Grid to execute test cases on remote computers.

When you perform parallel tests distributed across multiple devices, users will save time running and running the tests on one machine or run tests using web servers.

Suppose you don't want to install a Selenium Grid in your systems.

In that case, You can also utilize online Selenium Grids like Lambda Test, which facilitates access to more than 2000 browsers to test your tests and automate cross-browser testing.

This is essential in encouraging you to study Selenium as with other software.

It is impossible to enjoy the benefits of parallel and distributed testing because of the system's overhead (performance) or the absence of capabilities.

It is crucial to run tests swiftly and effectively in the business world.

Say No To GUI System Dependency

Since one can run Selenium tests without a GUI, One can run the tests on web servers, and the automation is possible through scheduling the execution of tests.

Integration with other software. It does not have a GUI, which is also a sign that one will significantly improve the performance of your devices.

Flexibility in Designing Case Study

To create test cases using Selenium Course Certification Ghaziabad, You can design it using programming logic or a recording and playback. Suppose you don't possess the technical expertise to program WebDriver codes.

In that case, you may use an IDE to record your tests and export the programming logic into your preferred programming language.

One can also use Selenium WebDriver to create logic using programming languages (which are the most often used).

You can use the Selenium IDE to record your tests and export them to a programming language you prefer to execute as a WebDriver test.

Rising Demand For Selenium Testing Training In Ghaziabad

  • Last but not least, Selenium testers have several buyers on the market.
  • Because the use of Selenium is constantly increasing, testing for it is growing in proportion.
  • The demand for Selenium testers and the amount Selenium testers earn on average.

What's The Significance Of The Importance Of Manual + Selenium Certification Training in Ghaziabad?

Software Testing Training Institute Ghaziabad plays an essential function in creating an application.

It is the last phase of software development, which helps to improve the quality of the software and ensure that it is in line with all the needs of the user.

Because Selenium can be considered an open-source program, it is available for download and can be easily altered.

It saves much time for programmers because they can find flaws in the program without doing any actual programming.

It allows programmers to build an automation framework that uses various languages to implement WebDriver features.

Because it's free, it is utilized by millions of companies with a vast community that provides the necessary assistance.

It's an adaptable tool that allows users to modify the functions under the particular project's needs.

Various extensions and plugins are available for the framework, which can also provide the necessary support.

The user experience gained from Manual + Selenium Course Training Ghaziabad is superior because it can provide support for multiple environments like Eclipse and visual code.

One can quickly join the best IT Training Institute in Ghaziabad and will soon gain other frameworks for Training Sessions.

Anyone with a high level of training can be a software tester with Selenium since it does not require any prior knowledge of programming or learning scripting languages.

Selenium has proved to be a reliable framework throughout the years because of its incredible reliability and support, as well as its user-friendliness and affordability.

This has led to a rise in job opportunities within the same industry.

How Can Manual + Selenium Training With Certification Aid You In Advancing Your Career?

Software tests are critical and market-oriented job profiles requiring applicants to discover bugs or errors within the software they have developed and then fix them to increase the program's quality.

With the help of the Selenium framework, the user can accomplish this task without putting in much effort and time. Selenium Testing Course Ghaziabad will provide the necessary support if you want to be professional.

The courses offered by knowledgeable and certified instructors will help you grasp the fundamental and advanced concepts of Selenium Automation Testing.

Selenium Manual Testing Tool Gain From Software Testing Course Training

This involves acquiring an understanding of Java programming, including

  • variables
  • data types
  • flow control statements and operators
  • understanding how the test automation frameworks function
  • how to implement
  • design and run test cases with Selenium IDE
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • enhance tests using Java programming defects reporting and tracking testing
  • debugging and running tests, error handling and much more.

Relevant and appropriate training for one will be offered in the industry, which includes projects and assignments that evaluate your knowledge and skills.

You will be ready to be hired permanently, and I can pass interviews with assistance in job placement.

There are a lot of Selenium Training Institutes in Ghaziabad that claim to provide the most acceptable software testing instruction for students.

But none is as unique and captivating as Softcrayons in Ghaziabad.

It is possible to take the course if you have a master's degree in IT.

However, students in their final year of college can also enrol in the class, provided online & offline courses for IT Training Courses.
If you're eager to know more about the course, visit our official website and our offices.

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  • 17 Chapters
  • Overview of Software Application Testing
  • Why is testing necessary
  • Software testing Principles
  • Psychology of software testing
  • Causes of Software Defects
  • Terms used in Software Testing [Defect, Error, Bug, Failure etc..]
  • Overview of SDLC [Software Development Life Cycle]
  • Overview of Project Execution Lifecycle
  • Overview of Project Lifecycle
  • Waterfall Model
  • Prototype model
  • Spiral Model
  • Incremental Model
  • Iterative Model
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development)
  • V Model
  • Agile Model
  • What is Quality Management System and It's need
  • What is Quality Assurance
  • What is Quality Control
  • Review process and Types of Review Process
  • Different Roles and Responsibilities of reviewers
  • Walkthrough
  • Inspection
  • Code Review
  • Peer Review
  • Verification Vs Validation
  • Static & Dynamic Testing techniques
  • Quality StandardCMM, ISO, 6Sigma
  • White Box
  • Black Box
  • Grey Box
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System testing
  • UAT
  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Re-Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Ad-hoc and Exploratory testing
  • Monkey & Gorilla Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Validation Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Recovery Testing
  • System Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Multiple Browser Testing
  • Forward and backward compatibility
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Security Testing
  • Multilingual testing
  • Test plans estimates and strategies
  • Different test approaches
  • Test progress,monitoring and control
  • Configuration management
  • Risk and testing
  • Identifying test condition and design test cases
  • Categories test design techniques
  • Specification based or black box techniques
  • BVA
  • ECP
  • Decision table testing
  • State transition testing
  • Orthogonal array
  • Structure based or white box testing techniques
  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Basis path testing
  • CFG
  • Statement coverage
  • Branch coverage
  • Path coverage
  • Experience based techniques
  • Risk based Testing
  • Choosing a test techniques
  • Bug/defect lifecycle
  • Defect Severity & Priority
  • Creation Of Test Plan
  • Creation Of Test Scenarios, Test Cases
  • Test case execution
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Implementation of testing optimization Techniques (ECP, BVA, Decision Table...)
  • Overview of Test Metrics, creation and its importance
  • Types of Test Metrics
  • Traceability Metrics
  • Test report preparation
  • Test closure Report preparation
  • Test bed
  • Test Hardnesses
  • Test Suit
  • Test basis
  • Test artifacts
  • Different Environment(DEV,Test,Production)
  • Requirements Volatility
  • Staggingprocess
  • Build Process
  • Test Cycle
  • Re-spin
  • Test Efficiency
  • Hot fix
  • Patch
  • Base Line
  • Change request
  • Defect age
  • Defect clustering
  • Defect slippage
  • Impact Analysis
  • Defect root cause
  • Escalation process and more
  • Introduction to Agile Methodology &Agile Manifesto
  • Overview of Different Agile methods
  • When to Use Scrum vs. When to Use Traditional Methods
  • Scrum Process
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Team
  • Time-Box Concept
  • Event 1: The Sprint
  • Event 2: Sprint Planning
  • Event 3: Daily Scrum
  • Event 4: Sprint Review
  • Event 5: Sprint Retrospective
  • Product Backlog Grooming
  • Scrum Artifacts
  • Artifact 1: Product Backlog
  • Artifact 2: Sprint Backlog
  • Artifact 3: Increment
  • Artifact 4: Definition of “Done”
  • Artifact 5: Monitoring Progress toward a Goal
  • Artifact 6: Monitoring Sprint Progress
  • Agile Tracking, Scrum Meeting and Daily Stand-ups
  • Product Backlog Grooming
  • What is Database Application?
  • Overview about database structure
  • Introduction about deferent database types
  • Understanding data storage
  • Back end & front end Testing
  • General Database Basics
  • Essential elements needed for database testing
  • writing test plan for database testing
  • Organizing DB Testing approach
  • writing test cases for database testing
  • Why should Test professionals know Structured Query Language?
  • Writing the statement in SQL Plus
  • Overview of DML , DDL, TCL,DCL
  • DML : Insert , update , Delete , merge
  • DDL : Create, Drop, Alter, Rename, Modify, Truncate
  • TCL : Commit, Roleback, SavePoint
  • Single Row Function / Multiple Row Function
  • String Function , Number Function , Date and Time Function, General
  • Function
  • Arithmetic Operator
  • Relational/Logical
  • Like Operator
  • Not Null
  • Unique
  • Primary key
  • Single Row sub queries
  • Multiple row Sub queries

Student Feedback

40 Rating


Sonam Jain
22 June 2023

Learn Testing By Experts is Best Software Testing Institute in Noida for learn the software testing courses with expert teacher. I recently placed into MNC Company.

shashi kant
22 June 2023

I have started my career in testing after learning testing concepts from this institute. Best place to join and learn. You will definitely get placed after that.

babita singh
13 July 2023

classes are really interactive session, he tries to bring all the learners at same level and brings out the best from everyone. He is true mentor and has sound technical knowledge and encourages team work.... Regards.

Neel Pandit
13 July 2023

I got to know about testing sir from a friend of mine who took his Selenium Automation class a couple of years back. She was so happy that he insisted me to get in touch with him only as he is someone who not only posses in-depth knowledge but also delivers it to the best. Another part is practical. I got a good chance to practice within the class. so, it goes this way - 1 class theory and other class practical. The course might take few more weeks than planned/other institutes but there is no hurry and awesome exposure.

taniya kumari
13 July 2023

Extensive knowledge imparted by trainer in 3month training program Covered almost all the subject topics. Proper and valuable guidance provided during course

26 July 2023

Best testing training for fresher's and experienced people who are looking for job in testing profile or switch into automation testing profile

shikha mongia
26 July 2023

This is the good software testing institute of Noida,

Tushar Tyagi
26 July 2023

I'm studying here from a last few days the way of their teaching is just excellent and also they always explain you by teaching theory as well as practical at the same time they made learning computer so easy for me and a special thanks to Softcrayons team ☺️ Thank you 😊 I would strongly recommend this institution if you are in Ghaziabad or near by area

arif khan
26 July 2023

My experience in Softcrayons Tech Solution is well and all faculty and trainer are well-good , HR Team also responsible and good. This is the best training institute in Noida And getting into the corporate world , it is also the medium of going to IT sector for Non-CS Background Student. Overall all things are fine .

Ram chaudhary
17 September 2023

Softcrayons transformed my career with top-notch Manual + Selenium Training. The Selenium course was a game-changer

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