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Best Manual Selenium Course in Noida By Softcrayons

Both groups must proficient with Selenium Course Certification in Noida, so you've come to the perfect place.

This is because the advent of automation has created a demand for skilled workers.

The finest Selenium Course with Certification Noida can help you get started in the testing industry.

This post will answer your questions if you need clarification on why you should bother learning Selenium.

Justifications For Taking Selenium Course Training In Noida

So, let me elaborate on each of these claims.

  • Ignite an Unconventional Evaluation Source

Since Selenium is free and open-source, it can be used by anyone.

Top Selenium Course Training in Noida can be used by any business to evaluate their online apps or websites, and even non-freelance programmers can use Selenium WebDriver to learn about and practice automation testing.

Compared to Selenium, alternative testing tools suffer from one of two issues: they require a license or are severely limited in functionality.

Tools like IBM's RFT, Test Complete, Ranorex, and HP's QuickTest Professional (QTP) are proprietary (licensed) programs.

When comparing available features, Selenium is, without question, the best choice.

Sufficiently Requiring Hardware

There's yet another advantage to using Selenium. You won't need a powerful PC with 16GB of RAM and a large hard drive.

You can get by quite fine without any operating system at all. You can complete the Selenium Testing Course Certification in Noida using the same operating system you use at home.

The essential feature is checking the site on any browser, whether Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or even Opera.

Because USB drives can be plugged into a computer quickly and easily, working with Selenium is a breeze.

It's Compatible With A Wide Variety Of Languages Used For Coding

This is the most critical consideration for any developer interested in moving into Automation Testing.

It would be best to have a solid grasp of a specific programming language to use many available tools.

Many major scripting languages today are used in the software industry, including Visual Basic Script, Java, and C#.

On the other hand, Selenium will free you from any limitations. If you're adept in one of these languages, you can launch a programming career: Java, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, C#, or .Net.

Frameworks are templates that you can download and use in your projects. Modifying the code minimally to meet your needs over a wide range of scenarios is preferable to completely rewriting it.

Data-driven testing, keyword-based testing, hybrid testing, module-driven testing, and so on are only a few available frameworks.

Best Selenium Course Certification with DevOps Manual Appearance Because so many businesses are adopting the DevOps methodology to replace less flexible practices like Agile or Waterfall, Noida is a crucial part of the DevOps life cycle.

Due to its insistence on using open-source software, only a select number of testing tools qualify as DevOps tools.

Software Testing Course Training is also ideal because most modern software applications require web-based testing tools.

Simple Compatibility with Pre-existing Resources

Connecting Selenium to other open-source tools is simple. There is a large pool of interested users for Selenium to achieve automation because most tools used in DevOps or any different approach are effective and open-source.

Successfully Complete Parallel and Distributed Testing

One can perform a parallel Selenium Testing Course on local and distant machines. The Selenium Grid platform allows users to simultaneously run automated tests on multiple computers.

Users can save time compared to running the tests sequentially on a single machine or via web servers by executing them in parallel across several devices.

You've decided against integrating a Selenium Grid into your infrastructure.

Alternatively, you can use an online Selenium Grid like Lambda Test to run your tests and automate cross-browser testing across over 2000 browsers.

Because of this, learning Selenium Course Certification from Noida is as vital as learning any other software.

The system's overhead (performance) and lack of capabilities allow us to reap the benefits of parallel and distributed testing.

It is critical in the commercial sector to conduct testing rapidly and efficiently.

Dismiss the Idea of Using a Trustworthy on a Graphical User Interface

Scheduling the execution of tests makes automation possible, and One can execute Selenium tests on web servers without a graphical user interface.

Compatibility with a variety of other programs. The fact that it lacks a graphical user interface indicates that adding one would significantly boost your equipment's efficiency.

Case Study Design Adaptability

The Selenium Course Certification Noida allows you to develop test cases in programmatic logic or a recording and playback. Imagine that you need to gain the knowledge necessary to write WebDriver programs.

You can use an integrated development environment (IDE) to document your tests and then import the resulting code snippets into your favourite language when this is the case.

Additionally, one can use Selenium WebDriver in conjunction with many programming languages to facilitate the development of your reasoning (which is the majority often).

The Selenium IDE allows you to record tests, which can then be exported to your preferred programming language and run as WebDriver tests.

Noida's Selenium training courses are in high demand.

There are many potential buyers for Selenium testers.

• Due to its ever-increasing popularity, Selenium testing Course Training has also been growing at a rapid clip.

• The average salary of Selenium testers and the demand for their services.

Selenium Course with Training Noida: Why Is It Crucial?

When developing an app, Selenium Testing Training with Certification Noida is crucial.

The final step in the development process helps improve the program and become more in tune with the user's wants and needs.

Being an open-source program, Selenium can be freely downloaded and modified to suit individual needs.

Finding bugs in a program without writing new code is a huge time saver for developers.

The WebDriver API allows developers to create an automation framework in which aspects of WebDriver may be implemented in various languages.

Millions of businesses use it because it is free and has a large community that can help them if they get stuck.

It's a flexible program that one can tweak to suit a project's requirements better.

You can get the help you need from the framework and its many available add-ons and plugins.

Selenium Testing Course Training Noida provides a better user experience because it works in various contexts. These include Eclipse and visual code.

Learning new frameworks is possible by enrolling in the best IT training institute in Noida. 

Since Selenium does not require any familiarity with programming or understanding scripting languages, anyone with a high level of training can be a software tester with it.

Over the years, Selenium Course in Noida has proven to be a dependable framework thanks to its rock-solid dependability, helpful support staff, user-friendliness, and reasonable price.

As a result, more positions are available in the same field.

How Will Accredited Selenium Course Training Help You Move Up The Corporate Ladder?

Jobs in software testing are essential and market-driven since they require applicants to find and solve faults in the software they've created.

With the Selenium framework's assistance, the user can complete this activity rapidly and efficiently. If you're serious about making a career out of testing, Selenium Testing Course Noida will give you the necessary tools.

You may learn the basics and the more advanced techniques of Selenium Automation Testing from the classes provided by experienced and qualified teachers.

Advantages of Selenium, a Manual Testing Tool, from Participation in a Selenium Course certification. 

As part of this process, you'll need to learn a wide range of Java-related concepts and skills from the Selenium Training Course, such as 

• variables 

• data types 

• flow control statements and operators 

• understanding the inner workings of test automation frameworks 

• designing and running test cases with Selenium IDE 

• Selenium WebDriver 

• enhancing tests with Java programming defects reporting and tracking testing 

• debugging, running tests, error handling, and so on.

Industry-specific Selenium Course Training that is useful and comprehensive will contain practical exercises that test your acquired expertise.

You will be prepared for permanent employment, and you will receive help in going on interviews and finding a job.

Many organizations in Noida, India, call themselves "Selenium Training Institutes," They all promise to provide students with the best possible education in software testing.

Softcrayons- One of the Best IT Training Institute in Noida

You can enrol in the class with a master's degree in information technology.

Selenium Testing Course students are also welcome to enrol since we offer both online and traditional classroom settings for our IT training programs.

We encourage interested parties to check our website and visit our offices to learn more about the program.

You can connect with us for more info. 


  • 18 Chapters
  • Overview of Software Application Testing
  • Why is testing necessary
  • Software testing Principles
  • Psychology of software testing
  • Causes of Software Defects
  • Terms used in Software Testing [Defect, Error, Bug, Failure etc..]
  • Overview of SDLC [Software Development Life Cycle]
  • Overview of Project Execution Lifecycle
  • Overview of Project Lifecycle
  • Waterfall Model
  • Prototype model
  • Spiral Model
  • Incremental Model
  • Iterative Model
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development)
  • V Model
  • Agile Model
  • What is Quality Management System and It's need
  • What is Quality Assurance
  • What is Quality Control
  • Review process and Types of Review Process
  • Different Roles and Responsibilities of reviewers
  • Walkthrough
  • Inspection
  • Code Review
  • Peer Review
  • Verification Vs Validation
  • Static & Dynamic Testing techniques
  • Quality StandardCMM, ISO, 6Sigma
  • White Box
  • Black Box
  • Grey Box
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System testing
  • UAT
  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Re-Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Ad-hoc and Exploratory testing
  • Monkey & Gorilla Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Validation Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Recovery Testing
  • System Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Multiple Browser Testing
  • Forward and backward compatibility
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Security Testing
  • Multilingual testing
  • Test plans estimates and strategies
  • Different test approaches
  • Test progress,monitoring and control
  • Configuration management
  • Risk and testing
  • Identifying test condition and design test cases
  • Categories test design techniques
  • Specification based or black box techniques
  • BVA
  • ECP
  • Decision table testing
  • State transition testing
  • Orthogonal array
  • Structure based or white box testing techniques
  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Basis path testing
  • CFG
  • Statement coverage
  • Branch coverage
  • Path coverage
  • Experience based techniques
  • Risk based Testing
  • Choosing a test techniques
  • Bug/defect lifecycle
  • Defect Severity & Priority
  • Creation Of Test Plan
  • Creation Of Test Scenarios, Test Cases
  • Test case execution
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Implementation of testing optimization Techniques (ECP, BVA, Decision Table...)
  • Overview of Test Metrics, creation and its importance
  • Types of Test Metrics
  • Traceability Metrics
  • Test report preparation
  • Test closure Report preparation
  • Test bed
  • Test Hardnesses
  • Test Suit
  • Test basis
  • Test artifacts
  • Different Environment(DEV,Test,Production)
  • Requirements Volatility
  • Staggingprocess
  • Build Process
  • Test Cycle
  • Re-spin
  • Test Efficiency
  • Hot fix
  • Patch
  • Base Line
  • Change request
  • Defect age
  • Defect clustering
  • Defect slippage
  • Impact Analysis
  • Defect root cause
  • Escalation process and more
  • Introduction to Agile Methodology &Agile Manifesto
  • Overview of Different Agile methods
  • When to Use Scrum vs. When to Use Traditional Methods
  • Scrum Process
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Team
  • Time-Box Concept
  • Event 1: The Sprint
  • Event 2: Sprint Planning
  • Event 3: Daily Scrum
  • Event 4: Sprint Review
  • Event 5: Sprint Retrospective
  • Product Backlog Grooming
  • Scrum Artifacts
  • Artifact 1: Product Backlog
  • Artifact 2: Sprint Backlog
  • Artifact 3: Increment
  • Artifact 4: Definition of “Done”
  • Artifact 5: Monitoring Progress toward a Goal
  • Artifact 6: Monitoring Sprint Progress
  • Agile Tracking, Scrum Meeting and Daily Stand-ups
  • Product Backlog Grooming
  • Introduction about Jira tool
  • What is an Issue?
  • What is a Project?
  • What is a Workflow
  • Exploring the JIRA workspace
  • Managing your user profile
  • Navigating JIRA
  • Creating an Issue
  • Viewing Issues
  • Editing Issues
  • Transitions and Screens
  • The Workflow Viewer
  • Collaboration
  • Search
  • Detail View
  • Configuring Filters
  • Email Filter Results
  • Standard & Custom Reports
  • What is Database Application?
  • Overview about database structure
  • Introduction about deferent database types
  • Understanding data storage
  • Back end & front end Testing
  • General Database Basics
  • Essential elements needed for database testing
  • writing test plan for database testing
  • Organizing DB Testing approach
  • writing test cases for database testing
  • Why should Test professionals know Structured Query Language?
  • Writing the statement in SQL Plus
  • Overview of DML , DDL, TCL,DCL
  • DML : Insert , update , Delete , merge
  • DDL : Create, Drop, Alter, Rename, Modify, Truncate
  • TCL : Commit, Roleback, SavePoint
  • Single Row Function / Multiple Row Function
  • String Function , Number Function , Date and Time Function, General
  • Function
  • Arithmetic Operator
  • Relational/Logical
  • Like Operator
  • Not Null
  • Unique
  • Primary key
  • Single Row sub queries
  • Multiple row Sub queries

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