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Python Selenium Training Certification: Best Professional Course Persuasion

Selenium can be described as a valuable collection of tools that help speed automated testing for web-based applications.

It comes with various Python Selenium Training Courses in Ghaziabad that have been specifically tailored to the requirements for testing web-based applications.

These functions are reliable, allowing different options for positioning elements of the user interface and analyzing expected results against the actual application behaviour.

It utilizes a variety of scripting languages for automated testing.

Python is a high-level and object-based scripting language developed in an easy-to-use manner.

It is essential for English keywords that require simple understanding. There are not many syntax issues compared to other languages used for programming.

Then, we come to the question of why the Python Selenium Course is integrated. A few of the reasons are listed below:

Simple to code and simple to read

It dashes while analyzing another program

It has a lively typing style.

Many programmers are comfortable with Python as a programming language.

The API that is used in Python assists in connecting to your browser using Selenium.

The binding between Python and Selenium gives you a straightforward API for writing functional tests sensitively using Selenium WebDriver.

Furthermore, it also provides an easy API to connect with Selenium WebDriver such as Firefox, Remote, etc.

About Python Selenium Training Certification in Ghaziabad

The Python language is simple and has less verbose syntax when compared to other programming languages.

This is due to the Python API, which allows users to connect to the browser using Selenium.

Selenium can send the standard Python commands to different browsers, regardless of the application's layout and layout variations.

Python is a scripted language, and there's no concern about running an engine to convert code from lines of code into anything that could be utilized and implemented.

Python is swift and utilizes indentation to start and end blocks. It is elementary and compact in comparison to different programming languages.

Python language is built by a large community with great support.

Therefore, during automated testing with Selenium using Python Certification Training Ghaziabad, the community functions as an inviting wagon for people who are unfamiliar with the language.

The programming language is free and accessible as open source. Anyone who needs it can download it and utilize it in any environment. The entire culture and communities based around the language are accessible to software enthusiasts.

Extend with the Variety of Tools

Alongside all the other reasons to use Selenium in conjunction with Python, another primary reason to use Selenium with Python is the variety of tools one can use to extend its functionality.

The primary device for user interfaces with ease is WebDriver. WebDriver is a strong binding for Python.

So, these are several reasons why Selenium predominantly uses Python for scripting. However, numerous other languages also have similar capabilities.

Why Selenium Python Course Training Certification Ghaziabad?

Selenium provides a test-specific language called Selenese. One can use it with other programming languages like Python, Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and R.

So, why would you prefer to work on Selenium using Python instead of different programming languages?

These are the reasons for choosing Python Selenium Course Training:

It has much fewer codes than other programming languages.

It has a similar English syntax, which makes it readable to humans.

Additionally, it is simple to master and comprehend because of its simpler syntax.

Python is a free, open-source programming language with various frameworks and libraries.

Important Python Selenium Course Certification Ghaziabad: Functions

Selenium is an open-source software tool used to test applications on the web.

Although it may appear like QTP, Selenium focuses solely on testing web-based applications instead of QTP and supports desktop-based application testing.

Selenium can be used with multiple languages, and Python is among them. Integrating Python Selenium Course Training allows it to communicate with the browser by sending keys and getting the data.

Python allows multiple browsers and will enable us to write our program based on requirements.

What are the reasons to choose Python that comes with Selenium?

Compared to other languages or Software Testing Course Training in Ghaziabad, Python requires less time to execute the script and finish the execution.

Python uses indentation, not braces (), making it simple to follow the code flow.

Python is smaller and more straightforward.

Selenium is more than an instrument but a software suite, each catering to a company's different testing requirements. It comprises four elements:

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Let's examine Selenium WebDriver in detail.

  • Selenium WebDriver can be described as a straightforward program interface that surpasses any limitations with the other Selenium APIs.
  • In most web-based application scenarios, Selenium WebDriver is the most effective Tool.
  • Integrating automation and Framework makes it possible to reduce our work and produce formatted output.
  • This is a way to create and successfully work after Automated Testing Course Training.
  • The Selenium-supported languages include:

  • Java
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby

Recompenses of Python Selenium WebDriver:

  • Simpler Installation process
  • More realistic interaction with the browser
  • An additional component, such as an RC server, is not necessary.
  • More efficient execution time
  • Open Source
  • Tests can be run across various browsers
  • Supports multiple operating systems.
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Ability to execute tests in parallel

Selenium Using Python Course Installation Methods:

The first step is to go to the directory where Python is installed.

Use the Tool that installs the Tool to set up the Selenium WebDriver package.

Install and utilize popular Python tools for development.

We can find the object by incorporating Firebug and Fire path extensions.

Formation of Selenium WebDriver Architecture

Understanding the communications between the various components of Selenium is crucial before diving into Selenium using the Python Training Course Ghaziabad.

Selenium WebDriver APIs are utilized to connect the programming languages and web browsers.

Let's an examination of the following components:

Selenium Client Libraries

As mentioned, Developers can use Selenium to perform automated testing of common programming languages.

Selenium Client Libraries or Selenium Language Bindings make multi-language support available in Selenium.

The Selenium Python tutorial's primary focus is using Selenium together with Python.

Therefore, we will require bindings to languages for Python Selenium Training Certification Ghaziabad.

The language drivers that support programming languages such as Python can be downloaded through the official Selenium website to download Client libraries.

JSON Wire Protocol

JSON is a shorthand for JavaScript. JSON is an acronym for Object Notation. JSON Wire Protocol transfers data between the client and server via the Internet.

It is a REST (Representational State Transfer) API that facilitates the transfer of information between the HTTP Server, the HTTP Server, and the client.

Every browser on the Internet, including such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and others. Each comes with its driver for browsers (or HTTP Servers).

Browser Drivers

The browser drivers are responsible for communicating with the web browser. Each browser has its browser driver, which must be installed on the computer that will host the automated tests to be carried out.

Since communication with the internet browser occurs through the browser driver and not the browser's internal mechanism, the logic behind the browser isn't revealed.

The browser driver is the required degree of abstraction for interactions with browsers.


Selenium is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Selenium is not a suitable framework for browsers for which the browser driver isn't available.

  • Selenium WebDriver was introduced in the Selenium version
  • Selenium RC was deprecated in Selenium
  • Selenium RC has a more complex structure and is lacking in performance.

Selenium Suite consists of the following elements:

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Let's examine all of them in more depth in the following section of the Selenium Python Training Certification:

Selenium IDE

Selenium, the IDE, is a well-known instrument for recording and playback testing.

It was initially available as a Firefox plugin; however, now Selenium IDE is also known as an add-on for Chrome.

The most current version of Selenium IDE includes a command-line utility (SIDE Runner), which allows you to execute the side project on the Node.js platform.

Selenium WebDriver is required if you intend to build tests using Selenium IDE.

Selenium RC

Selenium RC was regarded as the primary component in Selenium until Selenium WebDriver replaced it in Selenium v2. Selenium RC was widely appreciated for its ability to circumvent the policy of the exact origin that caused significant issues when testing

web automation. One implemented the policy of the precise origin to ensure security and that the contents of a web page were not accessible to scripts from a different domain (or website).

Selenium RC Server, an HTTP proxy server, was created to break the policy of using the exact origin. Therefore, Selenium RC comprises the Selenium Client and Selenium RC Server.

Python Selenium Certification Training Ghaziabad: Framework Reaching

In the area of Software Testing Course Training, Python Selenium has become very well-known for all the right reasons, and the future of the Tool appears to be secure.

It is declaring this because of the benefits we gain when using Selenium, which is found in none of the other tools.

Since Selenium is an open-source framework, one can utilize it at no cost.

Selenium supports various programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python, C#, and PHP.

When it comes to supporting the OS, Selenium can support every operating system, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Selenium is a powerful tool for automation, and Python is rapidly growing as a straightforward language.

Selenium combined with Python is set to have the best future thanks to the easy syntax of Python and Selenium commands.

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  • Handling Exceptions – Selenium Python
  • Special Keys in Selenium Python
  • How to handle alert prompts in Selenium Python ?
  • Adding and Deleting Cookies in Selenium Python
  • How to move back and forward in History using Selenium Python ?
  • Special Keys in Selenium Python
  • Assertion in Selenium WebDriver using TestNg
  • Selenium Python Tricks
  • Page Object Model (POM)

  • Whatsapp using Python!
  • Browser Automation Using Selenium
  • Facebook Login using Python
  • Automating Happy Birthday post on Facebook using Selenium
  • How to access popup login window in selenium using Python
  • SMS Bomber using Selenium

  • Selenium Basics
  • Components of Selenium
  • Applications and Uses
  • Features
  • Limitations

  • Selenium Python Introduction and Installation
  • Navigating links using get method
  • Interacting with Webpage
  • Locating single elements
  • Locating multiple elements
  • Locator Strategies – Selenium Python
  • Writing Tests using Selenium Python

  • Locating Single Elements
  • Locating Multiple Elements

  • Action Chains Basics
  • click
  • click_and_hold
  • context_click
  • double_click
  • drag_and_drop
  • key_down
  • key_up
  • move_by_offset
  • move_to_element
  • move_to_element_with_offset
  • release
  • reset_actions
  • send_keys

  • Understanding Waits

  • Implicit and Explicit Waits

  • Fluent Wait Techniques

  • Handling Ajax Calls

  • Real-world Application

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