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Best Salesforce Development Training in Ghaziabad

If you want to become a Salesforce designer in 2021, this is the right place. This is the best internet-based course for Salesforce Developer accreditation in 2021. Softcrayons Tech Solution has brought you this super-stunning Salesforce Development Training in Ghaziabad.

Salesforce Development Training is a course that shows you how to program salesforce applications with a programming language called Apex, which is excessively like Java to make the product support and visual power to make the front-finish of the product.

Salesforce isn't just that client relationship care that organizations utilize to put together their works and keep the work process up; however, it is also a tremendous stage designers can use to make applications, foster them, tweak them, and send them on a server.

Numerous Salesforce web-based instructional courses are accessible to show you this advancement expertise. Yet, not every one of them deserves your time and cash, and stalling out on a not-worthy approach can hamper your advancement, which is where this article will help you.

Softcrayons Tech Solution provides this incredible initial course to learn Salesforce structures from scratch. If you do no know what salesforce is and want to learn from the basics to the advanced level, then you should begin with this training course.

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  • 23 Chapters
  • Classes, variables and methods, and data objects
  • Data objects and relationships between objects
  • code variables, data types, and expressions
  • Best practices for formatting, commenting, and naming
  • Conventions
  • Classes and objects
  • Including passing and returning variables
  • Encapsulation
  • Conditions and logic flow control
  • Loops and exception handling
  • Introduction to triggers, including when to use a trigger, order of execution, creation and development considerations, and governors and limitations
  • An introduction to querying data with SOQL and SOSL
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Debugging scenarios, methods, and tools
  • Test classes, unit testing, testing requirements and strategies, and considerations
  • IDE testing and an overview of Salesforce CRM UI testing
  • Deployment checklist and preparation steps
  • IDE deployment
  • Understand the Visualforce framework, including its advantages and capabilities.
  • Use expressions to bind data and actions on a page to a controller.
  • Understand the concepts behind controllers, including their functionality and capabilities.
  • Create custom controllers and standard controller extensions toincorporate new data and actions into a page
  • Understand the security implications of using custom vs. standard controllers.
  • Implement wizards using custom controllers to handle the state and operations.
  • Create custom components that use custom controllers.
  • Test, debug, and deploy controllers.
  • Key Characteristics of an Integration
  • Salesforce Integration Mechanisms
  • Retrieving Data: sObjects, SOQL and SOSL
  • Working with SOAP API
  • Working with the Partner WSDL
  • Debugging and Testing
  • Advanced API Techniques
  • The Basics of REST
  • The REST API
  • The Chatter API
  • An Overview of the Bulk API
  • Using the Bulk API to Modify Data
  • Querying with the Bulk API
  • The Architecture
  • Working with the Streaming API
  • Key Streaming API Facts
  • Data Loader Overview
  • Including Data Loader in Architecture
  • Custom Apex Web Services
  • Apex Callouts
  • Email Services
  • Outbound Messaging
  • Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Mashups and Visualforce
  • Portals Integration
  • Sites
  • Overview
  • Ideas Integration
  • Review
  • Architecting a Solution
  • Use the VLOOKUP, REGEX, ISCHANGED, ISNEW, and PRIORVALUE functions to build business processes.
  • Use validation rules to enforce conditional required behaviour.
  • Use functions to enforce data format and data consistency.
  • Implement multi-step approval workflows and escalations to automate business processes.
  • Create parallel approval processes and approval processes with dynamic approval routing.
  • Use outbound messages as part of an approval process.
  • Establish approval process criteria with cross-object formulas.
  • Set up field history tracking to audit processes.
  • Learn techniques to prevent or record data changes.
  • Learn when and how to use upsert.
  • Use data management tools and the capabilities of API-based tools.
  • Use the data loader to create mapping files and to upsert data.
  • Learn about the capabilities of pages.
  • Incorporate pages into Salesforce CRM.
  • Construct expression bindings and incorporate Salesforce CRM into
  • pages with components.
  • Use pages components to create page layouts, input forms, output tables, custom components, and more.
  • Create partial page refreshes on JavaScript events.
  • Learn about the functionality that comes with pages standard controllers.
  • Find out when code is required for creating custom controllers or extensions.
  • Modular Assignments
  • Mini Projects
  • Retail Industry
  • Banking & Finance
  • Service
  • E-Commerce
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Web Application Development
  • Research & Analytics
  • HR & Consultancy
  • FMCG
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Event Management Industry
  • Telecom

Student Feedback

4 Rating


Rashid Ansari
27 September 2023

Softcrayons Tech Solution has the best Cloud Training training program I've come across. The flexibility of online learning combined with their expert guidance made my journey into cloud computing a smooth one.

Gaurav Mishra
18 November 2023

This institute and their faculties are very cordial and if you want to explore your wings with current potential just join and learn. I took Salesforce admin and developer course. Just focus on learning and enhance skills and personality for better future.

28 January 2024

One of the standout features of Softcrayons is the emphasis on hands-on learning. The Cloud Training course includes practical exercises and real-world projects, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a simulated work environment. This practical approach greatly enhances the learning experience.

28 January 2024

Softcrayons provides a comprehensive and well-structured Cloud Training program. The course content is up-to-date, covering the latest advancements in cloud technology. The instructors are knowledgeable and deliver the content in an engaging manner, making complex concepts easy to understand.

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