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Best UI & Angular JS Training In Ghaziabad

As technology-based products and services continue to advance and grow, we see a need for new and emerging technologies.

AngularJS is one such technology that has started gaining popularity in the market. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that simplifies the development of single-page applications.

That's why we've created this course of the best UI & AngularJS training in Ghaziabad that will help you learn both front-end Learning AngularJS and UI, which is now considered one of the most popular technologies in the world.

The demand for such courses has been increasing with time. And now, you can learn these concepts from some of the best and most renowned training institutes. Here's a list of top-notch Angular JS & UI Training Institutes in Ghaziabad.

  • Why UI & Angular JS Training?

Introduction to UI and AngularJS

  • UI & Angular JS are web development frameworks that make building high-quality user interfaces for web and mobile apps easy.
  • This technology is used to create interactive and responsive web and mobile apps. It helps in building apps for both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • The UI & Angular JS training in Ghaziabad is helpful for professionals who want to create web and mobile apps. It also helps in building large-scale websites.
  • Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that is used to build applications. It is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. It is used for creating single-page applications (SPAs). Angular JS uses HTML as its template language.
  • UI stands for user interface. UI is a set of tools that enable interaction between the user and the application. UI is an essential part of any application, especially mobile apps.
  • UI can be implemented in many ways but must be easy to use. Angular JS is one of the most popular frameworks for UI implementation.
  • UI & AngularJS are a good combination for any website. It helps to make a website more interactive and user-friendly.
  • UI & Angular JS help build a complete web application that multiple users can use simultaneously.

Why is there a need to learn UI and Angular JS?

UI and Angular JS are two of the most critical technologies in web development.

There is a need to learn UI and Angular JS because of the massive demand for these technologies in today's market.

The demand for UI and Angular JS developers is increasing very fast. UI and Angular JS are considered to be the future of web development. These technologies are expected to dominate the future web development landscape.

There are several job opportunities in UI and Angular JS, which can help you earn handsomely. A UI and Angular JS career can be lucrative and provide ample opportunities to work with top companies.

The best way to learn UI and Angular JS is to enrol in our UI & Angular JS training in Ghaziabad online course, which will allow you to understand the best practices in a relaxed environment.

Our training courses will also allow you to work on real-time projects that will help you gain practical experience.

  • Why should you join us?

Why choose our training course?

There are several reasons to choose our course. Some of them are as follows:

We provide 100% Placement Assistance, where we help you get a job immediately after completing the course.

The training course is designed by professionals and engineers with hands-on experience in the same field.

We have been running this training course for the last five years, and we have a great success rate of placement.

The best UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad is a complete package of UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad.

This course is designed for those who want to learn UI & Angular JS from scratch.

Our course is focused on the latest technologies like UI & Angular JS, Bootstrap 4, Sass, HTML5CSS3, and LESS.

We at Softcrayons Tech Solution are committed to providing the best UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad. We have designed our course based on the latest industry trends and client demands.

Our courses are designed to suit the specific needs of each client. We aim to provide the best UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad.

This Angular JS training course will help you learn how to use Angular JS for your web application development.

The course is highly interactive and uses the latest tools and technologies. We will help you build a solid foundation to learn Angular JS from scratch.

The course is designed in such a way that the student will be able to understand the concepts without much effort.

This UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to implement UI and Angular JS applications.

Our instructors will help you understand the importance of UI and Angular JS and how they can be used to build your next app.

Our course is affordable, and the classes are also offered in the mornings, evenings or weekends, depending on your convenience.

If you want to join our course for any reason, such as job seeking and for complete knowledge of UI and JS Training, etc., we could try to place different options before you. Please feel free to contact us directly for more opportunities.

UI & Angular JS training is an excellent course that you can learn in your life. It helps you to build a web application straightforwardly.

If you're looking for a job in the web industry, UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad will provide you with one of the best UI & Angular JS Training courses.

Our Angular JS training will ensure you become a pro at building complex and interactive apps.

  • Course & Benefits

Job opportunities after UI & Angular JS Training course

With the increasing popularity of UI & Angular JS, there are many job opportunities after completing this UI & Angular JS Training course.

Companies are looking for individuals with skills in UI & Angular JS Training. There are several job opportunities available in the field of UI & Angular JS Training.

After completing this UI & Angular JS Training course, you can work as a UI Developer.

You can find many job roles after doing this UI & AngularJS Training course. There are many job roles in this field.

For example, you can be a developer, web designer, front-end developer, UI/UX designer, or any other job role in the industry.

The minimum average salary for a web designer and front-end developer, as per "Business Insider", the average minimum wage of a web designer is $80,000 per year. At the same time, the minimum average salary of a front-end developer is $130,000 per year.

The global job market for these professionals is expected to grow by 40% by 2020.

Every year, the number of job opportunities in this field is increasing, leading to many candidates who want to pursue their careers with knowledge and skills.

The core benefits of gaining job positions through this UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad course are: First, it helps you familiarise yourself with different technologies like HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Second, Many companies worldwide, including India, recruit graduates for this course mostly from the top.

Our theory-based courses prepare you to face real-world situations and challenges of web designing and JavaScript coding using Angular JS, the official framework from Google; otherwise, it gives you opportunities in front-end development.

We provide an excellent support system to our students by providing the best trainers' experience through hands-on implementational training at every stage of learning.

Our course is among the best and most effective for beginners and professionals.

So, if you want to take up a career in this field, you must understand what you are getting into.


Our UI & Angular JS Training course will provide you with one of the best UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad.

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced, and they have a passion for teaching that can be felt by anyone who takes part in our training sessions. They are there to help you out as much as possible.

We offer various courses, including Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and more. We will be providing you with all the right tools and techniques so that you can learn and apply these skills to your work and personal life.

Our experience has helped us provide several different options to help you grow as an individual.

If you're looking for a learning experience that will excite you about learning new skills and techniques, look no further than our UI & Angular JS Training in Ghaziabad.

Our course has helped hundreds of students like you gain the skills they need to create the careers they dream about. So please do not give it a second thought; enrol and Begin your career today with us.

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Course Syllabus

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Training Features

Expert led Training

Our programs is led by industry experts who bring years of real-world experience to you, which helps you to gain more experience to the classroom.

Flexible Learning

You can choose our courses either online or in-person training. We also offer self-paced learning options that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Hands-on Experience

You'll have access to a range of tools and resources by our faculty in this course, that will help you develop to secure networks in real-world environments.


Our Programs is a prestigious certification which is recognized worldwide and can help you get advanced to build your future career in the network security.

Benefits of the Course

100% Placement Assistance

Softcrayons provides job oriented training to all students and they get job as soon as they complete their training

Live Projects Training

Softcrayons is the best Institute in Noida and Ghaziabad for Live Projects Training. we provide Complete Live Projects training with real-time scenarios for all our students

Mock Interview Session

Sharpen your interview skills with our mock interview session. Gain confidence, receive feedback, and ace your next interview

Globally Recognized Certifications

Unlock global opportunities with our recognized certifications. Validate your skills and expertise, stand out in your field, and advance your career with confidence


  • CSS syntax
  • CSS selectors
  • Classes and ID's
  • CSS1 vs CSS2 vs CSS3
  • The cascade
  • Inheritance
  • Specificity
  • Validating your CSS

  • The box model
  • Block vs inline elements
  • Div and span
  • Border properties
  • Width, height and max, min
  • The auto property

  • Using images in CSS
  • Applying texture
  • Graduated fills
  • Round corners
  • Transparency and semi-transparency
  • Stretchy boxes
  • Creative typography

  • A centered container
  • 2 column layout
  • 3 column layout
  • Faux columns

  • Mark up structures for navigation
  • Styling links with pseudo classes
  • Building a horizontal navigation bar
  • Building a vertical navigation bar
  • CSS drop down navigation systems

  • Form mark up
  • Associating labels with inputs
  • Grouping form elements together
  • Form based selectors
  • Changing properties of form elements
  • Formatting text in forms
  • Formatting inputs
  • Formatting form areas
  • Changing the appearance of buttons
  • Laying out forms

  • Basic table mark up
  • Adding row and column headers
  • Simplifying table structure
  • Styling row and column headings
  • Adding borders
  • Formatting text in tables
  • Laying out and positioning tables

  • Switching to a different media for print
  • Showing and hiding elements
  • Altering layout for print
  • Changing font and font size for print
  • Showing or hiding link information
  • Previewing and testing print styles

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Origins of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Characteristics
  • Common Programming Concepts
  • Java and JavaScript
  • Server-side vs. Client-side Applications
  • Annotating Your Code with Comments
  • Working with Variables and Data
  • Communicating with the User
  • Using Data More Than Once: Variables
  • JavaScript Reserved and Keywords
  • Expressions and Operators
  • Inline Scripting, Simple User Events, and the onLoad and onUnload Event Handlers
  • Functions, Methods, and Events
  • Methods as Functions
  • Conditional Operators
  • Defining and Calling a Function
  • The confirm() Method and Forms
  • User Events and JavaScript Event Handlers
  • Developing Interactive Forms
  • Form Controls
  • Referring to form Objects
  • The button, checkbox, text, textarea, radio button, and select Objects
  • Controlling Program Flow
  • The if...else, while, for, break, and continue Statements
  • The Modules Operator
  • Using continue in a while Loop
  • The switch Statement
  • The do...while Statement
  • JavaScript Object Model
  • JavaScript Object Hierarchy Model
  • Commonly Used Objects
  • The window, document, history, and location Objects
  • JavaScript Language Objects
  • The String, Array, Date, and Math Objects
  • Evaluating Strings
  • Setting and Extracting Time Information

  • Getting Started with jQuery
  • Selecting Elements
  • Manipulating the Page
  • Traversing the DOM and Chaining
  • jQuery Utility Methods
  • Handling Events and Event Delegation
  • AJAX, JSON and Deferreds
  • Enhancing with Animation Effects
  • Grids , Tables with Ajax , Pagination, JQuery UI
  • jQuery Best Practices

  • Introduction
  • Laying out a page with HTML5
  • Page Structure
  • New HTML5 Structural Tags
  • Page Simplification

  • The Problems HTML 4 Addresses
  • The Problems XHTML Addresses
  • The New More Flexible Approach of HTML5 - Paving the Cowpaths
  • New Features of HTML5
  • The HTML5 Spec(s)
  • Current State of Browser Support

  • The section Tag
  • The article Tag
  • Outlining
  • Accessibility

  • Switching to a different media
  • Delivery to other devices
  • Dynamically switching style sheets
  • Accessibility considerations
  • Graceful transformation
  • Audio, Video

  • Supported Media Types
  • The audio Element
  • The video Element
  • Accessibility
  • Scripting Media Elements
  • Dealing with Non-Supporting Browsers

  • Modernizr
  • New Input Types

  • autocomplete
  • novalidate

  • required
  • placeholder
  • autofocus
  • autocomplete
  • form
  • pattern

  • datalist
  • progress and meter

  • Overview of HTML5 Web Storage
  • Web Storage
  • Other Storage Methods

  • Getting Started with Canvas
  • Drawing Lines
  • Color and Transparency
  • Rectangles
  • Circles and Arcs
  • Quadratic and Bezier Curves
  • Images
  • Text

  • Offline Application API
  • Drag and Drop API

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Introduction
  • Quick Styles After Dark
  • Our First Web Page
  • What's Inside?
  • Scripts and Styles
  • Core Concepts
  • Summary

  • Introduction
  • Grid Layouts
  • Simple Layout
  • Fixed Grids
  • Fluid Grids
  • Responsive Design
  • Responsive Utilities
  • Inspiration
  • Summary

  • Introduction
  • Typography
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Images and Icons
  • Summary

  • Introductions
  • Drop down Menu
  • Buttons with Menus
  • Tabs and Pill
  • The Navbars
  • Heros, Badges, Labels, and Media
  • Summary

  • Introduction
  • More Buttons
  • Modals
  • Tooltips and Popovers
  • Scrollspy
  • Typeahead
  • Carousel
  • Summary

  • Overview
  • Setup
  • Tips and Tricks

  • Angular JS Introduction
  • AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework
  • AngularJS Extends HTML
  • Model-View-Controller approach

  • AngularJS Expressions
  • AngularJS Numbers
  • AngularJS Strings
  • AngularJS Objects
  • AngularJS Arrays

  • Data Binding
  • Repeating HTML Elements
  • The ng-app Directive
  • The ng-init Directive
  • The ng-model Directive
  • The ng-repeat Directive

  • The ng-controller directive
  • Controller Properties
  • Controller Methods
  • Controllers In External Files

  • Adding Filters to Expressions
  • Filtering Input
  • Order By filter

  • The ng-disabled Directive
  • The ng-show Directive

  • The ng-click Directive
  • Hiding HTML Elements

  • Module Definitions

  • Dependency Injection
  • Angular Services
  • Understanding Angular Services
  • Registering Angular Services
  • Managing Service Dependencies
  • Injecting Services Into Controllers
  • Testing Angular Services

  • What is HTML?
  • What is a Web Browser?
  • What are Versions of HTML?
  • What can You Do with HTML?
  • HTML Development Environments
  • Using a WYSIWYG Editor
  • Using an HTML Editor
  • Writing Code with a Text Editor
  • Publishing Documents

  • Rules of Syntax
  • Making your Code Readable
  • Making your Code XHTML Compliant
  • Building a Document
  • Using Colors
  • Adding Color to your Page
  • Using Headings
  • Using Paragraphs
  • Using Block quotes
  • Using Entities
  • Aligning Block-Level Elements

  • Displaying Preformatted Text
  • Formatting with Inline Elements
  • Controlling Fonts
  • Introducing List Elements
  • Creating Unordered Lists
  • Creating Ordered Lists
  • Creating Definition Lists
  • Nesting Lists
  • Indenting Text with the

  • Building a Table
  • Using the Border Attribute
  • Cell Padding and Cell Spacing
  • Controlling Table and Cell Width
  • Aligning a Table on the Page
  • Aligning Tables and Text
  • Aligning Table Data
  • Spanning Columns and Rows
  • Nesting Tables
  • Adding Color to Tables
  • Using Tables as a Design Tool

  • Understanding and Using URLs
  • Linking to a Web Document
  • Linking to a Local Document
  • Linking to Anchors
  • Opening a New Browser Window
  • iFrame

  • Optimizing Image and File Size
  • Inserting Inline Images, ImageMap, Sprite Image
  • Aligning and Formatting Images
  • Using Images to Anchor Links
  • Creating a Look-and-Feel
  • Sizing and Scaling Images
  • Using Transparent Images
  • Using GIF Animation

  • Forms , Form Elements
  • Form Actions, Form Methods , Form Design

  • Semantic mark up
  • HTML or (x)HTML
  • Semantics explained
  • Document structure and flow
  • Removing visual elements from mark up
  • About web standards Validating your mark up
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