6 Months .NET Industrial Training


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6 Weeks/Months Project Based .NET Industrial Training

6 months .NET industrial training in Noida/Delhi-NCR/Ghaziabad

SoftCrayons Tech Solutions provides 6 Months .NET Project Based Industrial Training in Noida,Delhi NCR,Ghazabad locations. ASP.NET project based industrial training is the most benificial for Mtech, Btech, CSE, MCA, BCA students. We offer Industrial web evelopment training in .NET that prepares students for the industry. SoftCrayons is a group of expert technical personals who provide the best tutorials on live project training in .NET regular classes.

Expert Trainers in SoftCrayons impart practical skills. Therefore our students soon become capable of solving real-time problems and become more confident amongst students that is extremely critical for a professional start. Our 6 months .NET training is project based where students work on live software application development tasks.

At SoftCrayons, We have introduced comprehensive ASP.NET live project training. Our .NET Industrial Training involves a real programming experience with faculties having more than 5 years of experience in ASP.NET web development. We don't believe to follow a structured generic source curriculum; instead, we prefer comprehensive and in-depth learning approach. Moreover, At SoftCrayons Industrial Training Methodology doesn't contain any conventional theory based on only particular academic course but we train our aspirants directly by live industrial projects.

To provide trainees with real-time exposure to the IT industry standard performance, Softcrayons has appointed expert and experienced professionals for Asp.Net On-Job live project training. Our trainers share their industry level .NET coding guidance with our students. Students can easily develop their own custom website or application under their guidance and proper direction. Moreover, they will provide varoius ideas and some hidden tricks to complete any outsource project step by step and build a design or an application as per client's requirement.

ASP.NET MVC Industrial Training Course Module

  • Overview of the .NET Framework
  • How .NET is Different from Traditional Programming
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Common Language Specification (CLS)
  • Common Type System (CTS)
  • .NET Assemblies
  • .NET Namespaces
  • .NET Framework Class Library
  • C# Program Structure
  • Defining Namespaces
  • Understanding C# Data Types
  • Defining Variables and Constants
  • Comparing Value Types versus Reference Types
  • Working with Operators and Expressions
  • Formatting Numbers, Date and Times
  • Defining Static and Instance Functions
  • Passing Parameters by value and by reference
  • Overloading Functions
  • Optional Parameters
  • Using Variable Length Parameter Lists
  • Defining and Using Arrays
  • Understanding System.Array
  • Using .NET Collections
  • Working with ArrayLists and Hashtables
  • Working with Lists and Dictionaries
  • Introducing LINQ
  • Overview of ASP.NET 4.0
  • Understanding Client-Side vs. Server-Side Execution
  • Working with Web Forms
  • Understanding ASP.NET Application Folders
  • Using Web.config
  • Working with HTML Controls
  • Creating Controls at Runtime
  • Working with Web Controls
  • Defining and Using Custom User Controls
  • Understanding the ASP.NET Validation Controls
  • Performing Client-Side Validation
  • Performing Server-Side Validation
  • Using the Regular Expression Validator
  • Customizing Validation
  • Working with Validation Groups
  • Understanding why the Web is Stateless
  • Maintaining State within ASP.NET Applications
  • Using the Application Object
  • Using the Session Object
  • Using the ViewState Object
  • Reading and Writing Cookies
  • Using the Query String
  • Understanding XML and XML Schemas
  • Reading XML Data with a DataSet
  • Writing XML Data with a DataSet
  • Understanding the ASP.NET 4.0 Security Models
  • Authenticating Users
  • Authorization User Requests
  • Using the ASP.NET Login Controls
  • Using the ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool
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