6 Months PHP Industrial Training

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6 Weeks/Months Project Based PHP Industrial Training

6 months PHP industrial training in Noida/Delhi-NCR/Ghaziabad

SoftCrayons offers 6 Months PHP Industrial Training with Live Project in Noida, Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad. The project based PHP industrial training is extra benificial for BTech, MTech, BCA, MCA students. With our live project training you can boost you academic session as well as get the best job in top IT web development companies.

PHP 6 months/weeks Industrial Training Program is the most recommended by the students as well as institutions. PHP training in India has huge demand in IT industry as it makes the aspirants sure for the job. SoftCrayons, Noida/Delhi-NCR/Ghaziabad offers best 6 months PHP industrial training. We have expert and professional PHP trainers who are expert in their filed. They familiarize students with real-time scenarios and share industry experiences. Our 6 months/week PHP Programming Industrial training is provided on live PHP projects.

SoftCrayons Tech Solutions provides PHP 6 Months Industrial Training with Live Project in Noida/Delhi NCR/Ghaziabad. PHP industrial training on live projetcs is must for all aspiring web developers. According to suvey, recently more than 500 Million sites are running on PHP technology. SoftCrayons is here to offer a great pool of PHP expert and professional trainers who guide students on the latest PHP version, i.e. PHP 5 and PHP 7.

Aspiratns can learn here how scripts are written for a corporate function; and become more confident and boost thier PHP skills for web development tasks. We provide 100% project-based PHP training, completing which gives students both a training-completion and project-execution certification.

PHP programming is the most commonly known and server-side open-source scripting language, best suited to website development. It is used to create both websites and blogs; and can also be embedded into HTML. Students attending our 6 months/weeks PHP programming training are introduced to the various language constructor concepts, such as constants & variables and PHP data types. Participants additionally develop expertise in terminologies related to the types of operators; associative, indexed & mixed array declaration; file handling; and MySQL tasks.

PHP Training Course Module

  • Global Variable
  • Creating Pagination
  • Code Reusability
  • Functional Coding in PHP
  • Modular Coding in PHP
  • Concepts of MVC and HMVC
  • CURL
  • CLI
  • GD Library
  • Regular Expressions in PHP
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Access Modifiers
  • Functions and Function Scope
  • Class Variables and Variable Scope
  • Class Constants
  • Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance
  • Creating Database
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Selection Database
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Basic MySQL Queries
  • Data Types in MySQL
  • Data Encryption with MD5
  • Using PHPMyAdmin
  • Exporting and Importing Databases
  • Normalization
  • MySQL Storage Engines
  • Get Last inserted ID
  • Query Conditions
  • Form Submission With Ajax
  • Data Retrieving With Ajax
  • Fetching and displaying data with AJAX
  • Making a Dynamic CMS website in CodeIgniter
  • General: Controllers, Modals, Views
  • Libraries: Form validation, pagination class, Session library
  • Database: Configuration, Connection, Running Queries
  • Helpers: Array helper, Date helper, Form helper, Number Helper, Text Helper
  • Defining and Use of CMS
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Website Development with CMS
  • Working with WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Understanding wordpress Pages and Posts
  • Creating and Managing Menus in WordPress
  • Different types of users in wordpress
  • Managing wordpress Categories
  • Website Development in WP
  • Developing a Blog in WP
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