Core PHP Training

Core PHP Training

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Introduction to Core PHP

The server-side scripting language, which is used for development of static as well as dynamic website or applications based on web, is the PHP language. This was earlier used for writing web pages. It is believed that the scripts that have been written in PHP can be interpreted on a server with installed PHP on it. PHP is primarily used for management of dynamic content, building e-commerce websites and for tracking of sessions, etc. With the passage of time, it has been observed that there has been an increasing demand for PHP language. There are a number of reasons behind this. Firstly, the users of PHP are not required to pay any licensing fee. Secondly, it has the ability to interact with numerous languages of databases, including MY SQL.

IN technical terms, it is said that the syntax of PHO language is similar to ‘C’ Language. It always tries to be forgiving, as much as it can. It is a language that is embedded in HTML and is integrated with a diverse range of databases.

Why is the demand for PHP increasing at a very rapid pace??

In this modern era, the demand for PHP is increasing, as it offers its users with diverse range of benefits, including:

  • • PHP has the ability to support large amount of databases.
  • • It is compatible with different servers like APACHE, IIS, etc.
  • • It is an open source language.
  • • It is independent of platform.
  • • It ensures its users with high performance and reliability.
  • • The users are required to pay low maintenance and development cost.
  • • It is extendible in nature.

Also, another possible reason that is increasing the demand of PHP is its important characteristics. Some of its vital characteristics are mentioned below:

  • 1. Flexibility
  • 2. Simplicity
  • 3. Familiarity
  • 4. Security and
  • 5. Efficiency

Initially, PHP has evolved as a small project. Later, the users became aware of its uses and got to know how much useful it is. The first version of PHP got unleashed in the year 1984.

There are a number of institutes in Vaishali, Noida and Ghaziabad that are renowned for providing the best PHP training in Ghaziabad. These institutes have a team of professional,highly experienced and qualified trainers. They also have a team of educated counselors, who direct their valued candidates on an appropriate career path.

Some of the best Core PHP training institutes in Ghaziabad, Noida and Vaishali are gaining prominence among their candidates with an increasing demand of PHP language. Among these leading institutions, Softcrayons is a PHP training institution, which is known for providing the best PHP training for creation of futuristic PHP programmers. It primarily works on providing the best PHP training with the help of real time projects. It ensures that its team of professional and real-time trainers is dedicated to provide the live industry experience to their candidates. It also ensures that the trainers providing such training are very well versed with the course curriculum and have experience of 10 years or more. It guarantees its candidates that the trainers working with it are flexible with the course curriculum according to the requirement of the candidates. Thus, it can be concluded that it works for the satisfaction of its candidates and enabling them to enjoy the best possible results.

Why to join us??

We suggest our candidates to come and join us, as we offer them with the best Core PHP training in Noida, Delhi/NCR, and Ghaziabad.

  • 1. We provide core PHP training by covering overall modules during the PHP classes.
  • 2. We facilitate our candidates with customized schedule for training according to their requirements,
  • 3. We ensure our candidates that they are not required to pay no cost for sessions taken along with technical course core PHP training.
  • 4. We facilitate our students that they are provided with special certificate after completion of the core PHP course.
  • 5. We ensure that our core PHP trainers are very well versed with the course content and pay one-to-one attention on the students.

We ensure that the students used to get placed with some of the popular multinational companies with attractive salary packages. The students are provided with online and offline demo sessions as well. We ensure that the training provided by the trainers is according to the standards of the industry. We strive to provide practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge with the help of different experiments. We have a good name in the industry as a popular core PHP training institute in Ghaziabad.

We have specialization in providing training for both Core PHP as well as Advanced PHP. Our trainers make use of the latest and modern approaches and strategies for providing knowledge and training to their students. The students are provided with both morning and evening batches on all weekdays as well as on weekends. The candidates can make choice for the batch according to his/her comfortable timings. Also, the interested candidates from a distant location can go for our online sessions, as these sessions are completely instructor-led. In other words, the online classes offered by us are similar to live classes. It is a face to face discussion with the trainer without losing the comfort of one’s home.

Total Course Module Download Syllabus

  • Accessing Command line arguements from PHP Scripts
  • Generating web pages dynamically using PHP
  • Retrieving web pages manipulating from data
  • Personalizing website content using Session and Cookies
  • Tracking User navigation on your website
  • File handling with PHP Script
  • Regular Expression with PHP to make strong validation
  • Tracking User navigation on your website
  • OOPs concept to make more powerful web application
  • Exception handling
  • Integrating Database content to generate dynamic Web pages
  • Building modular Scripts to enable code reusuability
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Structure of HTML
  • Attributes and Values
  • Comments,Header Tags
  • Image Tag
  • Link Tags (Text and Image)
  • Marquee Tag
  • List Tag
  • Table Tags
  • Form Tags
  • Audio, Video Tags
  • About IFrame
  • Embedding Google Maps, YouTube Videos
  • BlockLevel and Inline Element
  • Div Tag
  • Header, Footer, Nav
  • Section, Article, Aside
  • New Form Elements
  • Types of Style Sheet
  • About CSS Selectors
  • About CSS Properties
  • Background Properties
  • Box Properties
  • Border Properties
  • Positioning Properties
  • CSS Menu Design
  • CSS Animation
  • Form Tags
  • Audio, Video Tags
  • About IFrame
  • Embedding Google Maps, YouTube Videos
  • BlockLevel and Inline Element
  • Div Tag
  • Comparing PHP with other web scripting languages or technology
  • Installation of PHP
  • PHP delimiters
  • Variable Intialization with PHP
  • PHP Data Types
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP Operators
  • If else
  • If else if else
  • Nested if
  • Switch Case
  • Jump Statements (Break,Continue, Exit)
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Do while loop
  • Nested loop
  • How to use an important programming construct: Arrays
  • Numerically Indexed Arrays
  • Non-Numerically Indexed Arrays(Assosiative Array)
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Array Sorting
  • Presenting the user with input options via different HTML form elements
  • Retrieving Data from data with $_POST,$_GET, $_REQUEST arrays
  • Preserving Data in Form inputs
  • Introducing Functions
  • Defining Functions
  • Using parameters
  • Understanding Scope
  • Returning Values
  • Call By Value and Call By Reference
  • Reusing Codes
  • Implimenting Recursion
  • Using Require() and Include()
  • Array, String, Math, Date functions
  • Super Global Array Variables
  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Variable, Operators, Conditions
  • Looping and Array
  • Introduction to Functions
  • PopUp Boxes
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Form hadling
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Introduction To Objects
  • What is Property and Methods
  • String, Math, Navigator, Date, Array, Window Objects
  • Introduction to object based technology
  • Class, Object, Property, Inheritance
  • Client Side Validation(Regular Expression)
  • Saving Data
  • Opening a file, Creating and Writing to a file
  • Closing a File
  • Deleting a File
  • Using other useful file functions
  • Create a directory
  • Remove a directory
  • File Uploading Concepts
  • Multiple File Upload
  • Downloading File From Server Using Header
  • Formatting, Joining, Splitting, Comparing strings
  • Introducing Regular expressions
  • REGEX Implementation
  • Session, Cookie, Query String
  • What is Session control?
  • Understanding Basic Session Functionality
  • Starting a Session
  • Registering Session variables
  • Using Session Variables
  • What is cookie?
  • Setting Cookies with PHP
  • Using Cookies with Sessions
  • Deleting Cookies
  • Implementing Query String
  • Relational Database Concept and Technology
  • Web database Design
  • Web Database Architecture
  • Creating a MySQL Database
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Column Data types
  • Implementing Insert/Delete/Update/Select Query
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Having and Group By Clause
  • Joining Table
  • Implementing Primary key, Unique key, Composite key, Foreign key, Default constraint e
  • Dropping tables and Databases
  • Introduction to PHPMyAdmin
  • MySQLi Connectivity
  • Proceedural Connectivity
  • Object Oriented Connectivity
  • PDO(PHP Data Object) Connectivity
  • JQuery Introduction
  • JQuery Selectors, Events, DOM, Animations
  • JQuery Accordians, carousal, tab
  • JQuery Conflict
  • Ajax Implimentation
  • Column Data types
  • CRUD Operation With Ajax
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Having and Group By Clause
  • Joining Table
  • Implementing Primary key, Unique key, Composite key, Foreign key, Default constraint e
  • Dropping tables and Databases
  • Introduction to PHPMyAdmin
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Classes, Objects and Operations
  • Class Attributes
  • Access modifiers
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Inheritance
  • Static Method
  • Type Hinting
  • Object Cloning
  • Abstract Class
  • Final Keyword
  • Implimenting Interface
  • Understanding Advance and New Object Oriented Functionality
  • Magic Functions With PHP
  • Implementing Captcha
  • PDF Generation
  • Excel or CSV Generation
  • Email With PHP
  • Implimenting Pagination
  • SQL Injection
  • Web Services and JSON
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • HTTP Headers and Output Buffering
  • Error Tracking and Debugging
  • Exception Handling
  • Maage Domain with Name Server
  • Manage Web Hosting from FTP and CPANEL
  • Managing Database, Email Accounts, Sub Domains etc.
  • Live your Project

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