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Photoshop is a pixel editing software created by Thomas and john in the year 1988. The product gives many picture/image altering components, tools, and features to raster (pixel-based) pictures and additionally vector graphics. It utilizes a layer-based altering framework that empowers picture creation and modifying with numerous overlays which also support transparency. Layers can likewise go about as masks or filters or modify hidden hues. Shadows and different impacts can also be added to the layers. Photoshop activities incorporate automated elements to lessen the requirement for repeating tasks.

Photoshop has been in the business standard picture control program for so long that its name has turned into a verb: It is the regular speech to state that a picture has been "photoshopped" or even just "shopped." Shopped, in this unique situation, is synonymous with altered, controlled or faked frequently paying little respect to the product really utilized.


Make your own market materials

Rather than outsourcing your advertising materials, similar to signs, stickers, or pamphlets, learning Photoshop implies that you can make the greater part of that in your own house. Not exclusively does this take into consideration more imaginative control over the materials coursing about your business, it'll likewise spare you the cash you'd spend on an outside contract.

Better images for social media

Students with our Photoshop training will be able to make eye-catching images. Indeed, even only a little measure of Photoshop information can help you transform your incredible crude materials into better, all the more convincing, more offer commendable online networking promoting components.

Simple to use.

TThis is to be sure favorable advantages for apprentices (beginners). Since you don't have the aptitude to make incredible photographs, you can utilize the tools provided. It is anything but difficult to get the hang of utilizing the tools and features. You needn't bother with instructing keeping in mind the end goal to do it.

Save you from repeating steps.

In the event that you have around a hundred photographs to edit and alter, it would be tiring isn’t? It is truly difficult to edit such a large number of photographs. So rather than rehashing (repeating) similar steps from the starting photograph one to the last, you can simply record your steps in Actions and it will do likewise to the rest. Presently, you would not get drained with the exhausting work of repetitive editing.

Softcrayons Tech Solution being the best PHOTOSHOP training Institute provides PHOTOSHOP training to its students; with the help of our IT Proficient Faculty having +5 years of Industrial Experience handling live projects in this Sector. Students opting for this PHOTOSHOP training course will get exposure to the list above, with live examples and practical applications. Students after the completion of the PHOTOSHOP training course will get 100% Job placement assistance. We provide PHOTOSHOP training in practical learning sessions with live projects under the guidance of expert faculty. Free lifetime membership card for PHOTOSHOP training course is provided as well. We facilitate extra problem-solving classes excluding curriculum classes that help students to get the answer to problems faced in PHOTOSHOP training course.


Students after the completion of Photoshop training will have job opportunities in the following designations:-

1. Senior Graphic Designer

2. Photoshop Designer

Hired by top companies like Flipkart, Mphasis, Focus Infotech etc.

Total Course Module

  • Starting to Work in Adobe Photoshop
  • Using the Tools
  • Using the Options Bar and Panels
  • Undoing Actions in Photoshop
  • Customizing the Workspace
  • Finding Resources for Using Photoshop
  • Using the Layers Panel
  • Rearranging Layers
  • Applying a Gradient to a Layer
  • UApplying a Layer Style
  • Selecting with the Lasso Tools
  • Flattening and Saving Files
  • Strategy for Retouching
  • Resolution and Image Size
  • Straightening and Cropping an Image
  • Making Automatic Adjustments
  • Removing a Color Cast
  • Manually Adjusting the Tonal Range
  • Replacing Colors in an Image
  • Adjusting Lightness with the Dodge Tool
  • Adjusting Saturation with the Sponge Tool
  • Repairing Areas with the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • Applying the Unsharp Mask Filter
  • Creating a Quick Mask
  • Editing a Mask
  • Viewing Channels
  • Adjusting Individual Channels
  • Loading a Mask as a Selection
  • Applying Filters as a Mask
  • Applying Effects Using a Gradient Mask
  • Resizing the Canvas
  • Removing the Background from an Image
  • Moving Layers Between Documents
  • Colorizing with and Adjustment Layer
  • Grouping and Clipping Layers
  • Inverting a Mask
  • Using Type as a Mask
  • About Camera Raw
  • Processing Files in Camera Raw
  • Editing Images with Vanishing-Point
  • Correcting Image Distortion
  • Adding Depth of Field
  • Creating a PDF Image Gallery
  • Creating a Clipping Mask from Type
  • Creating a Design Element from Type
  • Using Interactive Formatting Controls
  • Warping Point Type
  • Designing a Paragraph of Type
  • Warping a Layer
  • Clipping a Layer to a Shape
  • Setting Up a Vanishing Point Grid
  • Creating Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Placing Imported Artwork
  • Adding a Layer Style
  • Adding an Adjustment Layer
  • Working with Layer Comps
  • Assembling a Montage of Images
  • Applying Filters
  • Hand-Coloring Selections on a Layer
  • Applying Smart Filters
  • Adding Drop Shadows and a Border
  • Matching Color Schemes Across Images
  • Automating a Multistep Task
  • Stitching a Panorama
  • Selecting a Web Design Workspace
  • Creating Slices
  • Adding Animation
  • Animating a Layer Style
  • Exporting HTML and Images
  • Using the Zoomify Feature
  • Creating a Web Gallery
  • About Color Management
  • Specifying Color-Management Settings
  • Proofing an Image
  • Identifying Out-of-Gamut Colors
  • Adjusting an Image and Printing a Proof
  • Saving the Image as a CMYK EPS File
  • Printing from Photoshop
  • Preparing Your Workspace
  • Basic Editing Tools
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Selection Review
  • Basic Selection Tools
  • Quick Mask Mode
  • Layers Review
  • Working with Layers and Selections
  • Optimizing Grayscale
  • Working with Levels
  • This Histogram
  • Setting Up Images for Final Output
  • A Quick Levels Recap
  • Postadjustment Analysis
  • The Power of Curves
  • Input and Output Numbers
  • The Histogram Palette
  • Shadow / Highlight
  • Color Management
  • How Color Works
  • Implement Color Management
  • Use Gray to Fix Color?
  • Professional Color Correction
  • Working with the Color Wheel
  • Replacing Color
  • Variations and Color Balance
  • Selective Color and Match Color
  • The Red Eye Tool
  • Color Replacement Tool
  • Channel Mixer
  • Gradient Map
  • The Camera Raw Dialog Box
  • Adjusting Multiple Images
  • Finishing Touches
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Photo Filter Adjustments
  • Blending Modes
  • Adjusting Isolated Areas
  • Limiting the Brightness Range
  • Limiting Layers Affected
  • Limitations of Adjustment Layers
  • Removing Film Grain and Scanner Noise
  • How Sharpening Works
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • The Battalion of Blending Modes
  • Advanced Masking
  • The Background Eraser
  • The Extract Filter
  • The Blending Sliders
  • Channels
  • The Pen Tool
  • Advanced Layer Masks
  • Clipping Masks
  • Blending Sliders
  • Layer Masks
  • Creating a Panoramic Image with
  • Photomerge
  • Vector Masks
  • Smart Objects
  • Warping
  • Creating Complex Collages
  • Patch Tool
  • Healing Brush Tool
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Vanishing Point
  • The Dodge and Burn Tools
  • The Sponge Tool
  • The Blur and Sharpen Tools
  • Lens Correction Filter
  • The Liquify Filter
  • Retouching and Restoring Real-World
  • Photos
  • Image Capture
  • Initial Rough Crop and Straighten
  • Spotting
  • Color Correction
  • Global Tonal Adjustments
  • Global Color Adjustment
  • Reduce or Remove Noise/Grain
  • Local Tonal Adjustments
  • Fine-Tune Localized Adjustments
  • Interpret Colors
  • Double and Triple Check Masks

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