PHP Frameworks Training

PHP Frameworks Training

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Softcrayons is one of the best PHP Frameworks Training Institutes in Ghaziabad. If you are willing to make your career as a web developer in any technology, you may join us.

We have expert trainers for different technologies.


Zend framework is open source, cross-platform and object-oriented framework. Zend Framework is widely used to design web-based applications in PHP5. Zend framework is also entitled Module based library which offers advanced MVC (Model View Controller). MVC is used to design the structure and functionality of web application..

If you are searching the best php-frameworks-training tutorials in books, you may face many difficulties. Without expert's guidance, you will never be a perfect programmer. Even if, anyhow, you learn some basics from books, but you also know the fact it is not enough. Working in a live project needs extraordinary knowledge to handle many complicated things like file management, link formation, content and user management, database management and error handling..etc.


Cake PHP is termed as a rapid development framework, and it is an offshoot of PHP it is absolutely free. Mostly PHP developers even consider it to be the basis of all PHP4 and PHP5 web applications. Which will be helpful for better understand the reasons behind the soaring popularity of CakePHP.


Yii is standing for "Yes it is" is based on an object-oriented framework that is used to develop efficient small to large size web applications in less time. Yii is open source PHP web programming framework that allows users to use code from the third party and simplify your project development.


CodeIgniter is a most powerful part of PHP framework which has the very small footprint. The advantage is that it is simple in use and elegant toolkit such that to create full-featured web applications. This PHP framework is used by web development companies which deal with shared hosting accounts and meet the deadlines



Laravel is one of the open source web framework in PHP that is used to create the web application in the easy and simple way. Laravel is licensed under MIT license and helps the developer to design model view controller web program using following features like bundles, expressive ORM, reverse routing, controller and many more..

Why PHP framework?

Give an edge to your career with "PHP Frameworks certification training courses". Students can join the classes for PHP framework training & certification courses at "SoftCrayons campus located at Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR and Noida".

SoftCrayons experts will cover all these topics :-

1. MVC pattern.

2. Infrastructure components.

3. Web security, filtering and validation.

4. Components like authentication, search and access.

5. Handling mail on web etc.

6. Open source web application framework.

7. Easily creating static pages.

8. Perfect for commercial applications.

9. MVC Conventions.

10. Has no configuration.

Why Should You Join us?

SoftCrayons Tech Solutions offers in-depth "PHP Frameworks Training course", which includes an open source project to create websites with easy development techniques. PHP Frameworks follow the elegant, expressive syntax.

PHP Frameworks make the development procedure a gratifying one for the developers without sacrificing applications functionality. "PHP Framework certification course" provide our aspirants with accessible tools needed for creating robust, large applications.

Course Benifits

After learning full PHP frameworks Syllabus, You will be easily get hired by the top web development companies. PHP Frameworks allows more security to PHP code. This is why PHP frameworks are necessary to learn.

If you would like to become a successful PHP programmer, you need to be expert in any one PHP Framework. From SoftCrayons Tech Solutions, Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, Noida students can "learn complete PHP framework."

Total Course Module

  • Server Installation
  • Magento Installation
  • MySQL Installation
  • Magento Products
  • Magento Features And Quantity
  • Importing magento Products
  • BackUp Of Files and Database
  • Blog Management
  • Secure Password Management
  • PayPal Integration
  • How To Create Admin Dashboard
  • Customer Requirement Management
  • Database Managemet
  • App development
  • Testing And Implimentation
Batch Timings
Batch Type Class time Course Duration
Monday-Friday 2 Hours 1 Month
Saturday & Sunday 3 Hours 1.5 Months
Sunday 4 Hours 2 Months

693, Sector-14A, Opposite Sahibabad Sabji Mandi, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad(U.P.) 201012

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