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Selenium Training Overview

Every part of selenium will perform different type of testing in a different way and this tool will be used as regression testing, functional testing,it also supports agile development methodologies and customize defect reporting.Its main work is to track a defect by using defect tracking tool in automation, which track the defect which is missed in manual testing.Selenium is basically testing tool that will work for automating browsers and web applications. It is free technology tool that provides a portable software testing framework to the testers. It 2004, the Selenium is said to be a functional testing tool. Selenium will do testing for all major platforms (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux).


Selenium is a group of different software testing tools i.e Selenium IDE,Selenium Webdriver,Selenium Grid and Selenium RC each has different functionality with different supporting test automation. Most Selenium Engineers focus on the one or two tools that is according to the project needs. However,the whole selenium suite provides the results of testing. These operations are flexible, allowing many options for locating UI elements and comparing expected test results against actual result.


SoftCrayons Tech Solutions, is a leading Selenium training institute in Noida, Delhi/NCR, Ghaziabad. We invite you to join our Selenium Testing Training Course to make website development more easy and reliable. We provide Selenium Testing training in practical learning sessions with live projects under the guidance of expert faculty.

What We Provide

1. Textbooks, Notes, EBooks.

2. Necessary Software, DVDs etc.

3. Focus on practical labs.

4. Training Certificates.

5. Live project Based Training.

6. 100% Job Placement.

7. Lab facilities with Wi-Fi environment.

Training Benefits

1.Interview preparation by our professional team.

2. Problem solving classes at the end of the course.

3. Certification.

4. Job placement.

5. Make Carrier in MNC

6.Live project work experience.

Total Course Module

  • Need of Test Automation
  • Why Open Source Test Automation
  • Introduction to Various Tools of Test Automation
  • Introduction of Selenium
  • Selenium Components
  • First Record And Replay of Scenario in Selenium IDE
  • Store and Store Eval – Accessor Commands
  • Selenese HTML
  • Creation of Test Suite
  • Debugging IDE Script
  • Assignment on Selenium IDE
  • Introduction to Java
  • Setting Development Environment – Eclipse
  • Walk Through of Java Concepts
  • Hello World!
  • Introduction to Java Data Types
  • Talking Input From End User
  • Numerical Data Type and Numerical Operators
  • Boolean Data Type and Operators
  • Conditional Statement [IF], and Lop [While ]
  • Conditional Statement [Switch]
  • Loop [FOR]
  • String Data Type And Functions
  • Command Line Parameters
  • Arrays
  • Hash Tables/Map object
  • Regular Expression
  • File Handling
  • Java OOPs Concept
  • Concept of Classes and Objects in Java
  • Concept of packages in Java
  • Exception Handling
  • Debugging in Java
  • General Java Programming tit – bits
  • Overview of Web Driver
  • Introduction to Browser Specific Drivers
  • Setup Web Driver Package on System for Eclipse
  • Setup Firebug for Firefox
  • Exporting Pre – recorded test Scenario in IDE to Web Driver , and Executing it .
  • Revisiting Locators of Selenium
  • Automating Different HTML Elements Text Fields , Buttons , Links , Check Box Drop – Down etc
  • Verifications and Assertions
  • Desired Capabilities and IE
  • Handling Web Table
  • Switch to Command – Handling Frames , Popup Windows .
  • Concept of Synchronization
  • Brief about Ajax and How to Handle Ajax with Web Driver
  • Concept of Parameterization
  • JDBC – Introduction
  • Components of JBDC
  • Set JDBC with MYSQL Connector for Java Project
  • JDBC with MYSQL
  • Introduction to Page Object Model
  • Usage of Page Object Model for Demo Site
  • Introduction of Selenium Grid
  • Usage of Selenium Grid , Executing Same Test on Different Browsers
  • What is Test Automation Frameworks
  • Different Type of Frameworks , Overview
  • Available Test Automation Frameworks on Selenium
  • J Unit
  • Testing
  • Creating Test Using Testing
  • Testing Annotations
  • Explanation of Testing XML
  • Execution of Testing Tests
  • Explanation of Testing Folder and Various Result Files
  • Advance Test Ng
  • Parameterize Testing Test – Data Provider
  • Capturing Screen Shots
  • Custom Reporter
  • Introduction to Various Java APIs – log4j Apache POI , XML Beans .
  • Quick Snapshot – Create Logs
  • Quick Snapshot – Read and Write to Excel Files
  • Quick Snapshot on – Java Reflection
  • Demo of Hybrid Framework for Selenium
  • Demo of Keyword Driven Framework for Selenium
  • Refresh the Concept on Selenium
  • Best Practices in Test Automation
  • Real Time Challenges Faced in Automation
  • Sample Interview Questions and the Answers
  • Resume Guidance

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