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Wordpress was originally launched in the year 2003 by Mullenweg and Mike Little but announced as an open source in 2009. Wordpress is the perfect open source tool for managing the user information, creating users, deleting users and password editing. Consequently, we say that wordpress is the secure software for user authorization and authentication.

"SoftCrayons wordpress tutorials" include all the steps from wordpress installation to upload a impressive theme and creating a mind blowing “A One” website even without experience in programming. WordPress allows you to customize, update, and manage website from back end CMS and its components.

In "softcrayons wordpress training" we have included the explanation about CMS in the first chapter. Here we would like to describe about CMS in short way so that you might get something about WordPress.

WordPress Training Course Module

  • CMS Introduction
  • Getting Started With WordPress
  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Structure
  • Creating Content with WordPress
  • WordPress Posts Vs Pages
  • Catagories Vs Tags
  • Media Manager
  • Create Custom Menus
  • How to Use Themes
  • Customize Theme
  • How to use plugins and widgets
  • Using WorPress Screen Options
  • Managing WorPress Component
  • Upgrading WordPress
  • Move Web Content with WordPress Import and Export
  • Managing User Roles
  • WorPress Security Briefing
  • WordPress General Settings
  • WordPress Writing Settings
  • WorPress Reading Settings
  • WorPress Discussion Settings
  • WorPress Media Settings
  • How to use WordPress Permalinks?
  • How to Customize Theme?
  • What is Child Theme?
  • How to create and use child theme?
  • How to create custom page, category templates
  • How to Install a Plugin?
  • How to Modify the Plugin?
  • How to develop a simple plugin?
  • How to connect your plugin with database?
  • Host your WordPress website
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