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Join SoftCrayons PHP Yii Framework training classes. Yii is termed as a rapid development framework, and it is an offshoot of PHP. It is absolutely free. Mostly PHP developers even consider it to be the basis of all PHP4 and PHP5 web applications which will be helpful for better understand.

Yii Framework is a high performance and the most popular php framework among modern technology in developing web 2.0 applications. Yii framework is a generic web programming framework which is used to create all applications. Yii is light weighted and equipped with lots of solution for developing high traffic application like information and entertainment portals, content management system and e-commerce systems.

  • Yii Introduction
  • How to install Yii Framework
  • How to Create Application in Yii Framework
  • Yii Files and folder structure
  • Components and Module
  • Modal, View and Controller
  • Alias and Namespaces
  • benifits of Yii Framework
  • How To Connect With Database?
  • Active Record
  • Query Builder
  • Relation Active Record
  • Registration and Login
  • Authorization and Authantication
  • How to manage URLs
  • Globalization
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