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India's No.1 Python Training Institute, SoftCrayons Tech Solutions, offers networking programming training in Ghaziabad. SOFTCRAYONS provides 200+ IT courses and training. We are a team of expert trainers. They provide valuable lectures on core Python, advanced Python, Data Science practical classes, and Network Programming courses.

SoftCrayons Tech Solutions is one of Ghaziabad's most credible Network Programming with Python training institutes, offering hands-on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic and advanced level Network Programming with Python training courses.

At SoftCrayons, Network programming with Python training in Ghaziabad is conducted by subject-specialist corporate professionals with 10+ years of experience managing real-time Network Programming with Python projects. SoftCrayons Tech Solutions implements a blend of academic learning and practical sessions to give the student optimum exposure that aids in the transformation of naive students into thorough professionals who are quickly recruited within the industry.

"SoftCrayons Tech Solutions" is Ghaziabad's biggest Python training centre with high-tech infrastructure and lab facilities and the option of opting for multiple courses at the Ghaziabad Location. SOFTCRAYONS prepares thousands of aspirants for Network programming with Python at reasonable customised fees, keeping in mind each attendee's training and course content requirement.

Why Should You Learn Networking

Network Programming is a significant use of Python. Python standard library has broad support for network protocols, data encoding/decoding, and other necessary things to make it work. Writing network programs in Python tends to be substantially more accessible than in C/C++. "Network Programming Course training in Softcrayons" focuses on the necessary details of network programming that all Python programmers should probably know.

Network programming has always been a demanding task. With full-featured and well-documented libraries up the stack, Python makes network programming the enjoyable experience it should be.

Starting with a walkthrough of today's major networking protocols, With SoftCrayons Expert Trainers, you'll learn how to employ Python for network programming, request and retrieve web resources, and extract data in major formats over the Web. You'll utilize Python for e-mailing using different protocols and interact with remote systems and IP and DNS networking.

We will cover all modules supported by the Python standard library. These come with Python by default. You should also know the Python basics. However, you don't need to be an expert on all its advanced features. You should have some primary knowledge of systems programming and network concepts.

1. Low-Level Programming with Sockets

2. High-Level Client Modules

3. How to deal with shared data encodings

4. Simple web programming

5. Simple Distributed Computing

6. Client-side applications

7. Web API clients

8. E-mail clients

9. SSH and FTP.

Why Should You Join Us

SoftCrayons Tech Solutions provides complete Network Programming and Machine Learning Training to all students and professionals who want to make a bright career in Network Programming. Network Programming Course is designed by the soft crayons expert trainers that include all basic concepts of Network Programming with practical implementation.

We clear all doubts by taking extra doubts classes and giving the exercise for a home that enhances the students' confidence towards the Network Programming. SoftCrayons provides a world-class lab facility to give students 100% practical training on network programming. Students can quickly learn all the network programming aspects like Ports for all standard services like SMTP, FTP, HTTP, SSH, TELNET, and NNTP.

Students can learn :

1. How the port numbers are randomly assigned to programs by the operating system.

2. How to use the net state to view active network connections.

3. How to establish a connection between HOST and PORT

4. Client/Server concepts

5. Request/Response Cycle

6. How to use Telnet

7. What are TCP and UDP connections

Course Benefits

Many satisfied students have enrolled in this highly-rated Python Network Programming course across the Web. Why?

The Network Programming course will teach you essential Python networking concepts that are highly relevant in any tech career, not to mention perfect for building excellent network tools. By joining SoftCrayons network programming training classes in Ghaziabad, you'll solidify the concepts and skills you need to code with Python confidently.

This course will cover the practical aspects of computer network programming, emphasising the Internet. You will rarely write a program for your socket. Softcrayons Tech Solutions provides Machine learning with Python Programming Training. In this course, aspirants can understand the basics of Networking with Python programming language and essential network protocols.

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  • 9 Chapters
  • Defining Network and Security in the Digital Landscape
  • Importance of Network Security in Modern Computing
  • Overview of Common Network Threats
  • Understanding Basic Networking Concepts
  • OSI Model and TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • IP Addressing and Subnetting
  • Exploring Network Devices (Router, Switch, Firewall)
  • Overview of Wired and Wireless Technologies
  • Virtual LANs (VLANs) and Network Segmentation
  • Key Networking Protocols (TCP, UDP, IP)
  • Application Layer Protocols (HTTP, DNS, SMTP)
  • Security Implications of Protocols
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Common Cyber Threats (Malware, Phishing, DDoS)
  • Importance of Security Policies and Procedures
  • Understanding Firewalls and their Functions
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection Mechanisms
  • Configuring Firewalls for Network Security
  • Importance of Network Monitoring
  • Tools for Network Monitoring and Analysis
  • Proactive Network Management Strategies
  • Securing Wireless Networks (WPA, WPA2, WPA3)
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention
  • Best Practices for Wireless Security
  • Cloud-based Security Solutions
  • IoT Security Challenges and Solutions
  • Continuous Learning in the Evolving Field of Network & Security

Student Feedback

28 Rating


31 July 2023

I recently completed a Python Network Programming course in softcrayons and my experience was nothing but positive. The course provided clear and concise explanations on the fundamentals of network programming. It was highly interactive, allowing me to learn the concepts in an engaging environment. The course included a wealth of resources such as quizzes, videos and practice assignments. I highly recommend this course for those looking to advance their knowledge in network programming.

25 August 2023

Enrolled in SoftCrayons for Network & Security course. Impressed with the comprehensive curriculum and practical approach. The training equips me well for the field. Highly recommended!

25 August 2023

I'm a student at SoftCrayons, pursuing the Network & Security course. The training is top-notch, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills. Highly satisfied with the learning experience.

25 August 2023

Currently enrolled in SoftCrayons for the Network & Security course. The program offers comprehensive insights and practical training, preparing me effectively for the field. Highly recommended for aspiring professionals.

siya rani
25 August 2023

I am a proud student at SoftCrayons, learning Network & Security. The course is exceptional, providing hands-on training that enhances my skills for future success. Highly recommended learning destination.

21 November 2023

I have done my training In Network and security. My trainer was no doubt he has advanced knowledge of Network and security. if you want to learn Network and security go and take admission in softcrayons and learn from metab sir was the best teacher for Network & Security.

sharik ahmed
22 November 2023

Institute is very supportive helps in resolving maximum queries. Staff is very polite and decent. Overall it is good IT training institute.

ritik kumar
23 November 2023

softcrayons teaching members are all very helpful and have taught me a lot, I have never had the opportunity to visit the center. Both of them taught in an amazing manner, but I want to specifically thank Vinod Sir for answering all of my questions on a very minor subject. Thank you very much, sir. You taught network security in a totally different way than we are learning it now because we are working on a project. And a special thank you to Anil Sir, who made it very simple to comprehend network security in a short amount of time.

24 November 2023

I have enrolled in a Network & Security course at SoftCrayons. My trainer is very friendly and knowledgeable. He explains each topic in detail, making it easy for everyone to understand and learn. Additionally, every student receives equal attention in class, and the trainer resolves every doubt that students come up with. He is truly a motivator.

25 November 2023

I recently joined SoftCrayons and found it to be the best place to search for jobs. The trainers are very supportive and help improve your skills. Overall, my experience at SoftCrayons was great and significant.I recently joined SoftCrayons and found it to be the best place to search for jobs. The trainers are very supportive and help improve your skills. Overall, my experience at SoftCrayons was great and significant.

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Network & Security
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    Beginner - Advance
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    3 month - 6 month
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